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Great Lakes/Floating Action lathe cut 7"

Floating Action/Great Lakes split Lathe Cut 7":
A great split single from NC's Floating Action and Nashville's (by way of NYC)Great Lakes.

Each artist made a different cover, and I only have 25 of each copy for sale! Floating Action spray painted and silkscreened on black jackets, while Great Lakes lino-block printed onto chipboard sleeves.


Posted on March 4th, 2013
Little Wings Be Gulls II Boxset, Southerly Lathe Cut, Floating Action/Great Lakes split!

Three brand new lathe cut releases!

Little Wings: Be Gulls II Boxset: One of the most elaborate records we've done yet!

A couple of years ago, Kyle Field (Little Wings) and his merry band of Be Gulls stopped by my house and recorded 4 songs straight to lacquer in my kitchen. When we sent the lacquer LP off to be pressed, the discs got ruined en route. Luckily, the engineer had backed up the tracks to his laptop. So, after the tracks simmered for a while, we finally came up with a packaging idea worthy of the songs.

Each boxset includes: 
- Painted and silkscreened Reel to Reel box 
- 2x lathe cut square clear 7" 
- 6x 1.5" buttons 
- a 28 page zine booklet 
- a 12x18" poster 
- a DVD with a 45 min "film" of the recording of the boxset.

Tracks: Motorcycle Sky, Surfer Speech, Cassidy (Grateful Dead cover), and Beachhouse Dog


Southerly - Desolation Low/Miracle Mile Lathe Cut 7": Southerly's 12th Anniversary single!

After taking a couple of years off to focus on his two other projects (Sndtrckr and Yardsss), Krist Krueger returns to the Southerly moniker to celebrate his 12th year under the name. And this single is a great return to form!

Two brand new tracks on clear, square, lathe cuts in silkscreened arigato paks with 2 buttons and a poster.

Watch the video here.


Posted on March 4th, 2013
USPS sends International shipping prices through the roof!!

Well, as if it wasn't already too damn expensive for International buyers to buy records from the US, now the USPS has raised international shipping prices by 35%!  Which means, we, unfortunately, have to raise the prices to you. This sucks for the both of us, but I hope you understand. But, remember, that the more records you buy, the cheaper it gets per record... if that's any consolation (I'm sure it isn't...)

Posted on January 27th, 2013
Golden Boots Xray Flexi & new album DBX'n'SPF, UW Henry Gallery lathes, Kristofferson Tribute

1) Golden Boots - White Skeleton X-RAY Flexi!  After years of experimenting and trying to make playable records out of actual X-Rays, I finally found someone who could! Pirates Press in SF put my X-rays on their Flexi-Disc press and (after 5 sets of test pressings) finally accomplished the monumental task of turning this weird medical waste product into a playable record! Every one is unique and there are only 250 of them in existence! Pick one up at:

2) Golden Boots - DBX'n'SPF LP - The new record from Tucson's Golden Boots. This album finds the Boots moving their twangy psych into weird blown out fuzz pop territory. My favorite album yet from my favorite band. A soon to be modern country-fuzz-pop classic by Tucson psych-pop superstars Golden Boots! In beautiful new covers silkscreened by Dmitri Manos (Golden Boots/Dr Dog) at Tan Line Printing in Tucson.Stream it for free here: and then pick it up here:

3) Kris Kristofferson 2xLP Tribute - This double LP in a beautiful gatefold cover with artwork by Heidi Elise Wirz is finally here!  

The Rising Cost of Livin’ High and Lovin’ Hard: A Tribute to Kris Kristofferson:

Kris Kristofferson’s music might not be quite as well known as his buddies Waylon, Willie, and Johnny, (who he was in a super-group, The Highwaymen, with) but amongst songwriters in the know, he is just as highly respected. Rhodes Scholar, helicopter pilot, songwriter, janitor, actor, heartthrob, and all-around Renaissance Man. His history is just as legendary as any of his outlaw country counterparts.

And now, PIAPTK Records wants to pay homage to this living legend and his songwriting through a new double LP full of amazing artists putting their own personal spin on his classic tales of ne’er-do-wells, miscreants, ladies men, hard luck heroes, and misunderstood every-men battling the devil. We contacted all of the friends and artists that we have worked with over the years, and within months, we had over 35 incredible submissions.

Preview ALL of the tracks at:

Tracks by Advance Base, Wooden Wand featuring the Scrivener, Little Wings, Simon Joyner, Golden Boots, Calvin Johnson, Turner Cody, Karl Blau, The Blank Tapes, The Gifted Children, Assateague, An Experiment, RFK Heise, Ohian, Wckr Spgt, The Gift Machine, Great Lakes, New Science Projects, Amo Joy!, The Ocean Floor, Southerly, Daring Ear, Matt Hopper, Good Saints, Bob Simpson, and the Black Swans. 

4) U of Washington Henry Art Gallery Residency Lathe Cuts - This summer I was asked to do an art residency at the University of Washington as part of the traveling exhibit, The Record.  I approached Shins/Modest Mouse drummer Joe Plummer, Fruit Bats head honcho Eric D. Johnson, and Seattle stalwarts Grand Archives about submitting 8 min of music, which I then lathe cut onto high quality 10" lacquers in front of a live audience during three days of the residency. The B-side of each record is silkscreened and autographed by the recording artist! The records were sold only to attendees of the exhibit.  Each one was limited to 40 copies. However, I have a couple copies of each from my artist copies that are available for sale here:

5) K Records Distro!  I hand-picked some items from K Records (a PIAPTK inspiration) and we now have them for sale.
Microphones - the Glow Pt 2 3xLP
Calvin Johnson & The Sons of the Soil - K captain with supergroup backing band Kyle Field (Little Wings), Jason Anderson, and Adam Forkner (White Rainbow)
Halo Benders - God Don't Make No Junk LP - The classic from Calvin Johnson and Doug Martsch (Built To Spill).  Probably one of the best albums that the indie rock genre ever spawned. 
Electric Sunset - ST LP - Debut from former Desolation Wilderness frontman and filmaker, Nick Zwart.
Karl Blau - Max 12" EP - in silkscreened and letterpressed cover!

Pick them up HERE:

6) FREE Digital album of your choice/ - My little sister and her husband just launched their new tech startup,  It is an online market place for the buying and selling of experiences.  As of right now, they have just launched and are trying to generate content.  She asked me for my email list, and I gave it to her (because she is my sister and I love her), under the condition that she did not add anyone to a recurring email list, and only sent you one invite. I know you hate spam as much as me.  Please check it out and sign up for an account.  Anyone who signs up for an account and sends me the email address they used to sign up will receive a free MP3 download of any PIAPTK album we've ever released!  After signing up, just send an email to: with the email address you used to sign up and the album that you want!  Your help and patronage is greatly appreciated.  Their next round of funding is dependent upon getting users signed up on the site. 

Thank you as always!


Posted on January 22nd, 2013
MEGA SALE! RSTVMO, Fur Family, and Keith John Adams!


R Stevie Saturday Singles Series #4 - E Not Laid/Inconsiderations Pt. 1  new pair of ambient drone noise instrumental left turns from the god/father of DIY home recording. 

The fourth installment of an R. Stevie Moore Singles Series.  On occasional (every 3 or 4 weeks) Saturdays, we will put up for sale a new 7" square lathe cut from R. Stevie Moore in a hand-letterpressed cover.  We will leave the orders up for only 24 hours, and then we will make however many were preordered (plus artist copies).  They will not be available again after the initial 24 hour period. Buy it Here:

To sign up on the PIAPTK/R. Stevie Mailing list to receive ONLY Stevie-related PIAPTK news, go here:

3. Fur Family - Musk Ox Lathe Cut 7" - A three song single from Tucson up-and-comers, Fur Family.  Closely related to PIAPTK favorites Golden Boots, Fur Family consists of former Golden Boots bassist, Sean Rogers, writing the tunes and playing guitars, with musical assistance from the Golden Boots core of Rian Eggleston and Dmitri Manos (also of Dr. Dog).   Clear, square lathe cut 7"s in covers printed and silkscreened by the band.  Ltd Ed of 50. Pick it up here:

4. Keith John Adams - Change/Sparrow Lathe Cut 7" Single - A new single from our favorite BBC TV reporter, and old friend, Keith John Adams. Having taken it easy over the last couple years busy with his day job and daddyhood, KJA finally sends us in the US some new tunes... Probably the first and last time PIAPTK will ever release anything even remotely resembling a Ska song (did you know that I played Moog for a month in a ska band in college? don't tell anyone).  But despite the horns, this song is pretty awesome. Check out the video if you don't believe me:

The covers were letterpressed on onion skin vellum.  What I didn't realize, being the first time that I letterpressed onto onion skin vellum, is that letterpress ink doesn't dry well on onion skin vellum, and despite letting it dry for three days, they ink still got all smudgy and weird. But, most of them actually look kind of cool, so Keith and I decided to use them.  You like stuff that is handmade, right? Even if it is by screw-ups trying something a little different?

50 copies on square, clear, lathe cut polycarbonate.

5. New Free Golden Boots Digital Sampler! - A Brand NEW (as of Sept 2012) Sampler from Tucson alt-alt-country-psychicana-freak-pop-savants, The Golden Boots.  A handful of tracks culled from recent albums, with a few rarities thrown in for those already familiar with "the hits". 

Pick up the FREE Sampler here:

Vinyl and some digital available from, and ALL digital albums are available at:

Posted on October 26th, 2012