Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Jim White, Lathe Cut Camp, etc

1. Jim White - Waffles, Triangles, and Jesus 2xLP Preorder PLUS Bonus Demo lathecut!

Scratch another of my favorite artists off ye old PIAPTK bucket list. I fell in love with the music of Jim White in 2007 when I walked into a record store/head shop in Odessa, Tx and heard his at-that-time-new album, Drill a Hole In That Substrate and Tell Me What You See, playing over the PA. He's a former NYC Cab driver, European Male Model, Pro surfer, etc etc. The kind of guy who's backstory mythos is just a compliment to his amazing songwriting, rather than the entirety of his cultural appeal. Musically, he's extremely diverse, one song might be a tear jerker about a murder, while the next song ponders eternal questions like "What if Jesus Drove a Motorhome?". Sort of an angel-voiced Southern Gentleman Tom Waits.

He's released records on Luaka Bop (David Byrne's label), Yep Roc, etc. Huge Indie Rock Americana stalwart labels.... and now for some reason that I don't fully understand, he's agreed to let PIAPTK release his new one, Waffle, Triangles, and Jesus.

There are only 150 copies on WAFFLES AND SYRUP colored vinyl, and the only place to get them is PIAPTK or from Jim himself. We have 100 to sell online and he has 50 to sell at shows. INCLUDES VINYL ONLY BONUS TRACK!

PREORDER BONUS: Also available only until the release date of Feb. 2, you can get a bonus lathe cut 7" with the 1994 home recorded four-track demo of "Wash A World Away"... a song that was written 23 years ago, but didn't get a proper recording and release until 2018!

Will arrive before release date. Includes a digital download card


2. Lathe Cut Camp 7: March 3-5. 2018.



March 3,4,5th, 2017 (Sat March3 and Sunday March 4th are the most important days, the 5th is just additional practice and cutting of attendees records, in case you have to leave early)

Spend three days in scenic Tucson, AZ learning (almost) everything you need to know about DIY Record Cutting! The focus of this camp will be on mono "semi-professional" machines, with particular focus on Presto 6Ns, which are one of the most common and affordable vintage machines around. You can do some amazing things with these incredible machines, and I will show you how. Bring your own music and we will put it onto discs for you to take home. We will touch on professional record mastering/pressing, but my main interest and experience, and the focus of this camp, will be on the more DIY and experimental side of the hobby. There are only 7 spots available, so buy early because every previous camp has sold out!

Perfect if you are interested in:
Vinyl records and how their masters are cut
Learning how this strange black art works
Buying a lathe to make your own records
Ordering lathe cuts from a lathe cut service
Cutting your own music to disc

Topics covered:
The science behind vinyl record cutting
Lathe Operations and equipment
The pressing process
Lacquer dub plate cutting
Experimental and alternative materials (plexiglass, laserdiscs, picnic plates, etc)

Please Note: You are responsible for your own transportation to/from Tucson and your accommodations. However, the hotels here are pretty damn cheap (DO NOT book a hotel on Oracle Rd unless you enjoy the company of tweekers and ladies of the night).

RENTAL ROOOMS AVAILABLE: And, if you want, I've got a cute mid-mod casita mother in law next to my house that I rent on airbnb, that can be yours for the whole stay (you can come in Friday night and stay until Tuesday, or longer if you want) for $200.

You can also stay in one of the bedrooms of my kitschy, quirky midmod house for $125 (each bedroom sleeps at least 2, so if you are coming with a friend/partner, just buy one bedroom for the both of you). There may be other people staying in the other bedrooms, so you will share a bathroom and a common space. Rooms available: MASTER BEDROOM (one full size bed, and your own bathroom), CREEPY OLD MAN ROOM (one full, one twin, and lots of paintings of creepy old dudes), PINK ROOM: One queen, one twin, pink and blue stripes.

About the Presenter: For more info on me, please visit the About page of this site.


3. Penpal Update

I know I've been an awful penpal. I got 25ish penpal packages months ago, and have been out of town/the country almost the entire time. That being said, all of the packages are sitting unopened, in a box just waiting for me to open them and write replies. The records are done and ready, and I THINK you will find them worth the wait. It is a split 7" on Baseball Field shaped vinyl from two artists that will be well known to PIAPTK fans, one of which is a "reunion" of sorts. Both artists requested that their involvement not be announce formally, but you will have NO problem recognizing them when you receive them. Also, each cover is different. Each one features a photo that was found almost 20 years ago in the wall of a garage that my friend drove his car through. It was a box of stained and weathered large format negatives that I scanned in, color inverted, and forgot about. Now, they've been given new life as part of his project and each cover will be picked out especially for you.

I am hoping to get these replies mailed out soon. Thanks for your patience!

4. Post Inventory OOP Drag Out of Previously Sold-Out Records..

Every year we have to do inventory, and that usually means finding extra copies of things that we didn't sell at the time in order to save copies for post office mishaps, defective products, etc etc. Also, in the case of the King Gizzard record, there were a couple people who tried to buy 5-10 copies, whose orders we canceled or scaled back.

So, there are now super scarce copies of KGATLW, Devendra, Tara Jane ONeil, Floating Action, Willis Earl Beal, etc. At some point we will be digging out more rarities and test pressings.


5. New Site Coming One of the Days!

I, more than anyone, realize how crappy my website is. I've migrated most of it over to a Shopify account, and will hopefully one of these days put the finishing touches on it so it can be launched... but, I'm never in town to finish it, and I'm really sorry about that. In the meantime, if you have problems, please keep emailing me at

Posted on January 23rd, 2018
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Thirty Six Seconds from Polygondwanaland That Go On Forever

1. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - 36 Seconds from Polygondwanaland That Go On Forever Eulerian Circle 7"!

King Gizzard is giving away their new LP, completely free and in a no-strings-attached-Creative Commons fashion. Allowing any dumbass like me with dreams of running a record label to release it on any format they want.

Rather than doing what everyone else is doing and putting up a preorder for a record they haven't even heard yet and selling it to people 6 months before they have any chance of getting the records in, I decided to do something a little different and more immediate....

Introducing "Thirty Six Seconds From Gondwanaland That Go On Forever" - a 7" Eulerian Circle disc with 20x 1.8 second locked grooves (10 per side). EVERY RECORD IS COMPLETELY UNIQUE. These will be made one at a time out of 100 different samples from the LP that I will have on random play while I am cutting them. Each locked groove will be one of a kind and unpredictable. These locks could be an annoying and off-tempo hiccup, an amazing drone, or a perfectly repeating mathy drum loop. But each disc will be totally singular and unlike the rest. Only 100 copies made.

Comes in a heavy duty Picture disc sleeve with transparency insert. They should ship in a week or so!

It's REALLY hard to get a good photo or scan of this thing!


Posted on November 15th, 2017
Willis Earl Beal, Tara Jane O'Neill, Sugar Candy Mountain Repress, etc.

Well, this will be the last big update for a while. But, I am staying busy. After a month in Europe on tour with Michael Nau, I spoke on a panel at the Making Vinyl panel in Detroit, and I'll be headed to Scandanavia in a week to train some Swedes on how to use their machines.

Lathe Cut Camp 6 was great! So, I'm looking to book Lathe Cut Camp 7 in January or February. If you are interested, email me at

Housekeeping Notes: There are still a handful of copies of Floating Action - Is It Exquisite and the Devendra Banhart Remixes 8" available.

1. Michael Nau Euro Tour discs available individually
2. Tara Jane Oneil - Women of the World/Believe handmade 7"s
3. Willis Earl Beal (aka Nobody) - 7"s
4. Sugar Candy Mountain - 666 Repress
5. Ash Reiter - HOLA LP on Red Vinyl
6. Comfort and Joy - Indie Rock Xmas LP

1.Michael Nau/PIAPTK European Tour Singles BACK FOR SALE... again!

**So, TWICE, We had to take these down for sale right after we sent emails because of some miscommunication with Michael's two Labels. We thought we had it ironed out, and then we didn't and then we did, and then maybe we did or maybe we didn't. Anyway, we took them on tour, and have a few of each individual disc left, so we are making them available again (until somebody tells us we can't sell them again, so get them soon if you want them!).

Purchase includes instant download of all four songs.

They are being made in the next week or two, and will be one-sided silkscreened psychedelic swirl pic discs (the photos are just the screenprinting files)

While you are at it, pick up the Michael Nau CD-Record featuring the demo version of I Root, the first single from Some Twist!


2. Tara Jane O'Neil - Women of the World/Believe

Was extremely excited to be approached by Tara Jane O'Neil to make her some records for her Japanese tour (happening now). We made 75 of them, hand painted and stamped by TJO herself, and we both got half to sell. Includes covers of "Believe" by Cher, and "Women of the World" by Ivor Cutler.


3. Willis Earl Beal (AKA Nobody)

Willis Earl Beal (who also goes by the name Nobody) is a mysterious and strange guy. He's been on my radar for a long time, because he lived in Olympia shortly after I left, and I would hear about him from a lot of my friends around town. He's prolific and has released records on XL Recordings, Tender Loving Empire, Found Magazine, etc. Check out his wikipedia pageto get some background on him.

About a year ago, I found out that Willis had moved to Tucson, and I spent the next 8 months trying to get ahold of him. It finally happened, and this single is the outcome.


4. Sugar Candy Mountain - 666 Repress AND Ash Reiter Solo LP, HOLA!

666 has been BLOWING UP. It is officially the highest selling PIAPTK release ever. So it had to be repressed in both the US and in Europe. Now, in addition to being available on beautiful and stark black vinyl, it is also available on Coke Bottle Clear, and a few copies on solid pink vinyl.

We also have some distro copies of SCM Front Woman, Ash Reiter's solo LP, "HOLA"!


5. Comfort And Joy Xmas Comp!

We found 6 copies of this amazing Xmas Comp in a box from a couple of years ago, and now is the time to spread the Xmas joy!
Released by my good buddies, Liz and Carlos Perpetua-Valdez, all profits from this killer Christmas Compilation go to benefit a charity for Homeless Teens in Seattle.

Only 500 copies, all on Gold and Silver Specked Vinyl!

Side One:
1. Quasi – “Christmas on Credit”
2. Rob Crow (Pinback) - ”Wasail Among Us”
3. Joe Jack Talcum (Dead Milkmen) - ”Christmas Waltz”
4. Human Hearts (Franklin Bruno) – “June is as Cold as December”
5. David Ivar aka Black Yaya (Herman Dune) - ”I Fought the Lord”
6. Golden Boots – “Mele Kalikimaka”
7. Wckr Spgt – “The Ballad of Snowy Brown”
8. Refrigerator – “Christmas in the Sun”

Side Two:
1. The Music Tapes – “Let it Snow”
2. Ida – “Heard it from Heaven Today”
3. Nima Kazerouni ft Maston – “Dear Santa, This World is Strange”
4. Wooden Wand – “Silver Bells”
5. Outravez (Monotonix) - ”Banu Hoshech Legaresh”
6. Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) – “Piano Fell Asleep In The Bushes”
7. Mike Watt - ”The First Noel”
8. Terry Riley - ”God Rest Ye”


Posted on November 15th, 2017
Devendra Banhart Remix 8"s / Michael Nau tour sets back!

A few weeks ago, I made a promise to myself that I was going to stop taking on projects and "take a break" from PIAPTK for a little while. But of course, just to spite me, the Universe steps in to make me a liar to myself.

1. Devendra Banhart Remixes 8"!
2. Michael Nau Euro Tour (and I'll be there!)

1. Devendra Banhart Remixes 8"

Talk about a bucket list release!

Devendra emailed a week ago in a panic trying to get 100 copies of this single of remixes in time for his South American tour that starts in Lima, Peru on Monday. I had less than a week to make and send him samples for approval and cut/mail 100 copies. In return for the rush, he allowed me to release it on PIAPTK and make 50 copies for myself!

The songs are very droney and mellow remixes/interpretations of songs from Devendras recent album, Ape in Pink Marble by Nils Frahm and Gigi Masin. It's very chill yoga music.

There are only 40 available through me, the rest will be sold on his tour. Limited to 150 copies, half are white and half are clear.

STRICT LIMIT OF ONE COPY PER PERSON! If you try to buy more, I will cancel the whole order!


Posted on August 28th, 2017
Last Chance to FA Preorder, Michael Nau/PIAPTK Euro Tour, T-Shirt Clearance

Well, today was weird. I had to change the bonus gift that was going to be included with the new Floating Action LP (see below), but hopefully, it's replacement will be cool enough. And, I'm going on tour with Michael Nau in Europe, so come see us!

1. Last Chance to Preorder Floating Action - Is It Exquisite with new (different) bonus!
2. Michael Nau Euro Tour (and I'll be there!)
3. T-Shirt Closeout!

1. Last Chance Floating Action - Is It Exquisite LP Preorder with bonuses!

In 24 hours we begin shipping the PIAPTK versions (the AHT handmade version will be a little late, because it takes a LOT of time for Luigi to paint such detailed and beautiful covers...) of the amazing new Floating Action LP. You have until then to get the free bonuses with the PIAPTK version - A bonus silkscreened pic disc lathe cut of Floating Action covering The Generationals' "Victim of Trap" AND a bonus 12x18" poster!

The first batch that I listed totally sold out, but after I got the shipment in and doled them out to the band and the collaborating labels, there are a handful remaining and up for sale!

Dartboard Debacle: I know that originally this was supposed to include a Dartboard. And the dartboard was going to be pretty rad. I had a prototype made that was cool and cheap, but unfortunately, despite 7 different attempts and over $500 spent trying to bring the stupid thing into existence, this afternoon it finally beat me down. I had to cut my losses, stop throwing good money after bad (a lot of it). But, I switched gears, stuck to what I knew, and made a beautiful, round, geodesic dome and lawn chair themed pic disc.

Pick one up now, before it's too late!

2.Michael Nau/PIAPTK European Tour and TOUR SINGLES SET!

From Sept 21-Oct 8th, I will be on tour in Europe with one of my favorite songwriters, Michael Nau (Cotton Jones Basket Ride, Page France). We will be cutting records by request for five fans a night after the show, and using an off-grid, deep cycle battery powered record lathe to record new songs (and film a mini-doc) at places like Stonehenge, the Beatles Abbey Road Crossing, the Eiffel Tower, etc onto high quality dub plates, which will be digitized (or dumped to tape) and turned into an album.

While you are at it, pick up the Michael Nau CD-Record featuring the demo version of I Root, the first single from Some Twist!

THU SEP 21 - Brighton UK, The Greys (TICKETS)
FRI SEP 22 - Bristol UK, The Louisiana (TICKETS)
SAT SEP 23 - Glasgow UK, The Hug & Pint (TICKETS)
SUN SEP 24 - Leeds UK, Brudenell Social Club (Games Room)
MON SEP 25 - Manchester UK, Gullivers (TICKETS)
TUE SEP 26 - London UK, The Lexington (TICKETS)
WED SEP 27 - Paris FR, Espace B (TICKETS)
THU SEP 28 - Rotterdam NL, V11 (TICKETS)
FRI SEP 29 - Amsterdam NL, Paradiso (Upstairs) (TICKETS)
SAT SEP 30 - Gent BE, DOK Kantine (TICKETS)
MON OCT 2 - Berlin DE, Privatclub (TICKETS)
TUE OCT 3 - Hamburg DE, Häkken (TICKETS)
WED OCT 4 - Köln DE, Bumann & SOHN (TICKETS)
THU OCT 5 - München DE, Feierwerk (Orangehouse) (TICKETS)
FRI OCT 6 - Luzern DE, Neubad
SAT OCT 7 - Schorndorf DE, Manufaktur (TICKETS)


3. T-Shirt Clearance!

Over the years I occasionally dabble in shirts. But I don't usually keep them in stock because sorting sizes and keeping inventory is a nightmare. So, I just cleaned out the T-shirt Tub and am clearing them out to raise money for my European Trip with Michael Nau.

Blue with Center Label Logo
Blue Heather with Lathe

All Have Same lathe image as PIAPTK, but with LC logo
Black, Powder Blue, or Green

Kristofferson - Leftovers from the KK Tribute Kickstarter years ago. Heather Grey with cover image.

Apollo Masters - I made these as a gift for Apollo Masters, in Banning, CA. I am selling some to help offset the cost of the ones I gave to them. They are the last place in the world that manufacturers record cutting needles and blank lacquer masters. If something happened to this company, it would completely collapse the entire vinyl record market. Sport the logo of Vinyl Records unsung heroes!


Posted on August 18th, 2017