Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Last Chance to FA Preorder, Michael Nau/PIAPTK Euro Tour, T-Shirt Clearance

Well, today was weird. I had to change the bonus gift that was going to be included with the new Floating Action LP (see below), but hopefully, it's replacement will be cool enough. And, I'm going on tour with Michael Nau in Europe, so come see us!

1. Last Chance to Preorder Floating Action - Is It Exquisite with new (different) bonus!
2. Michael Nau Euro Tour (and I'll be there!)
3. T-Shirt Closeout!

1. Last Chance Floating Action - Is It Exquisite LP Preorder with bonuses!

In 24 hours we begin shipping the PIAPTK versions (the AHT handmade version will be a little late, because it takes a LOT of time for Luigi to paint such detailed and beautiful covers...) of the amazing new Floating Action LP. You have until then to get the free bonuses with the PIAPTK version - A bonus silkscreened pic disc lathe cut of Floating Action covering The Generationals' "Victim of Trap" AND a bonus 12x18" poster!

The first batch that I listed totally sold out, but after I got the shipment in and doled them out to the band and the collaborating labels, there are a handful remaining and up for sale!

Dartboard Debacle: I know that originally this was supposed to include a Dartboard. And the dartboard was going to be pretty rad. I had a prototype made that was cool and cheap, but unfortunately, despite 7 different attempts and over $500 spent trying to bring the stupid thing into existence, this afternoon it finally beat me down. I had to cut my losses, stop throwing good money after bad (a lot of it). But, I switched gears, stuck to what I knew, and made a beautiful, round, geodesic dome and lawn chair themed pic disc.

Pick one up now, before it's too late!

2.Michael Nau/PIAPTK European Tour and TOUR SINGLES SET!

From Sept 21-Oct 8th, I will be on tour in Europe with one of my favorite songwriters, Michael Nau (Cotton Jones Basket Ride, Page France). We will be cutting records by request for five fans a night after the show, and using an off-grid, deep cycle battery powered record lathe to record new songs (and film a mini-doc) at places like Stonehenge, the Beatles Abbey Road Crossing, the Eiffel Tower, etc onto high quality dub plates, which will be digitized (or dumped to tape) and turned into an album.

While you are at it, pick up the Michael Nau CD-Record featuring the demo version of I Root, the first single from Some Twist!

THU SEP 21 - Brighton UK, The Greys (TICKETS)
FRI SEP 22 - Bristol UK, The Louisiana (TICKETS)
SAT SEP 23 - Glasgow UK, The Hug & Pint (TICKETS)
SUN SEP 24 - Leeds UK, Brudenell Social Club (Games Room)
MON SEP 25 - Manchester UK, Gullivers (TICKETS)
TUE SEP 26 - London UK, The Lexington (TICKETS)
WED SEP 27 - Paris FR, Espace B (TICKETS)
THU SEP 28 - Rotterdam NL, V11 (TICKETS)
FRI SEP 29 - Amsterdam NL, Paradiso (Upstairs) (TICKETS)
SAT SEP 30 - Gent BE, DOK Kantine (TICKETS)
MON OCT 2 - Berlin DE, Privatclub (TICKETS)
TUE OCT 3 - Hamburg DE, Häkken (TICKETS)
WED OCT 4 - Köln DE, Bumann & SOHN (TICKETS)
THU OCT 5 - München DE, Feierwerk (Orangehouse) (TICKETS)
FRI OCT 6 - Luzern DE, Neubad
SAT OCT 7 - Schorndorf DE, Manufaktur (TICKETS)


3. T-Shirt Clearance!

Over the years I occasionally dabble in shirts. But I don't usually keep them in stock because sorting sizes and keeping inventory is a nightmare. So, I just cleaned out the T-shirt Tub and am clearing them out to raise money for my European Trip with Michael Nau.

Blue with Center Label Logo
Blue Heather with Lathe

All Have Same lathe image as PIAPTK, but with LC logo
Black, Powder Blue, or Green

Kristofferson - Leftovers from the KK Tribute Kickstarter years ago. Heather Grey with cover image.

Apollo Masters - I made these as a gift for Apollo Masters, in Banning, CA. I am selling some to help offset the cost of the ones I gave to them. They are the last place in the world that manufacturers record cutting needles and blank lacquer masters. If something happened to this company, it would completely collapse the entire vinyl record market. Sport the logo of Vinyl Records unsung heroes!


Posted on August 18th, 2017
New Floating Action LP, Wooden Wand Reissues, Be My Penpal, etc.

It is about to slow down some for us in PIAPTK land, as I stop taking on new projects for a bit of respite from banging my head against the rock/hard place that is running a labor intensive DIY label for weirdos and miscreant songwriters.

But, in the mean time, here are the last couple of things we have trickling out of the soft psych folk pipeline.

1. New Floating Action LP, Is It Exquisite? preorder!
2. Wooden Wand Archives LPs reissued!
4. Record Lathes for sale!
5. Let me know if you have interest in a fall Lathe Cut Camp.

1. Floating Action - Is It Exquisite LP Preorder!

Seth Kaufman is the brains and heart behind the one-man-band, Floating Action. Much like our generation's Harry Nilsson, Seth has played/toured/produced/collaborated and counts amongst his fans some of modern music's biggest acts: My Morning Jacket, Lana Del Rey, Angel Olsen, the Black Keys, Dr Dog, Band of Horses, Ray LaMontagne, etc.
We had the pleasure of releasing his last album, 2016's "Hold Your Fire", and 2007's "Research", and they all sold out in a few days. We expect the first pressing of Is It Exquisite to do the same! First 200 on colored vinyl and rest on black,. Preorders from all labels also include a 12x18" poster!

Listen to the first single, Don't Desert Me, here

Is It Exquisite is being issued on vinyl by a Co-Op of like-minded record labels: PIAPTK, OK Recordings, Almost Halloween Time, Baby Gas Mask Records, and Ipreferpi Recordings.

The PIAPTK preorder will include a PREORDER ONLY (not available after the release date) promo DIY dart board! They are still being made, so pics will come soon. The first 35 copies preordered from each label will be on COLORED VINYL!

PIAPTK is also thrilled to be the US Distributor for the Almost Halloween Time versions, which come in unique oil painting covers. AHT hand paints beautiful covers that are all unique but which play on a theme. We only have 50 available!

Includes Digital Download Card.


2. Wooden Wand Archives LPs Reissued!

In anticipation of the upcoming furtherance of our curatorial Archives series with Wooden Wand, we are reissuing the individual albums from the LONG sold-out Archives Wooden Box Set! With new covers, all hand-silkscreened, these incredible albums will be limited to 100 hand numbered copies each!

Hard Bargains – The more “rocking” Toth tunes, mostly full band style recording with a heavier groove to it.

Roadside Peaches – The lesser seen Toth song-type... the sincere, sweet, love songs.

Visiting Hours and Other Missteps - Full of the more Downer-type tunes. But don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of giggle-worthy moments despite the somber tone. A good disc for fans of Born Bad.

Get Right With The Goddess – A really good mixed bag of mostly acoustic tunes.

Preparing An Audience - Much like Tom Waits, Wand often writes tunes from the perspective of a character. Whereas Waits’ protagonist is a down-on-his-luck, hard living, skid row bum, Toth’s is more of a self-loathing, hard living, smarmy Southern jerk. This disc compiles some of the best tunes from that perspective.

Five Alive / First Songs – A collection of the lower-fidelity tunes, many of which are very old, and give a really good glimpse into a little different Wand than you are used to. Runs the gamut of recording type and vocal style.

Because James didn't want these albums out into the digital world, each purchase includes a one album digital sampler of tunes from all of the archives albums.


3. Lathe Cut Camp 6! Oct. 21-23, 2017

We just finished up the sold-out Lathe Cut Camp 5, and I'm already getting a ton of emails about doing it again, so, here is the next installment. Oct 21-23 (Sat-Mon). Sat and Sun are the most important days, so if you have to leave early, you can. Sunday is just cutting records for people to take home.

Lathe Cut Camp is aimed at total newbies who are interested in learning about the black art of record cutting, or who might want to invest in a lathe of their own.

October is a great time to be in Tucson!

Buy a spot and learn more here!

4. Record Lathes For Sale!

I've been buying, selling, collecting, using and repairing vintage mono record lathes for almost a decade now. And the time has come again to start thinning the herd down in the lathe cave. If you are interested in subjecting yourself to the joys and frustrations of cutting your own records, I've got a lot of different options of machines that will be available. Shoot me an email LATHECUTS///AHT///Yahoooooo????Dawt?????Cawm with your phone number and we will chat about what you are wanting to do and I can give you the options that would best suit your needs.

Posted on July 27th, 2017
Golden Boots, Ruby Fray, Fronjentress, Spaceface, SM Wolf, Mark Matos

It's hot as hell in Arizona, so I've been sequestering myself in my cool, damp basement feverishly cranking out weird new objects.

On this episode of Compulsive Creating:
1. New VICE article
2. The Lathe Cave Instant Merch Machine swings into operation with Spaceface and S.M. Wolf
3. S.M. Wolf "The Awful Spring" standalone discs rescued from a forgotten box
4. Ruby Fray (K Recs/ex-Christmas) - Honor Psychedelic Swirl silkscreened pic discs
5. Mark Matos - Personality Splits Vol. 1
6. Fronjentress - ST 10" - Greg Olin from Graves goes Country!
7. Golden Boots - HALT 2x10" Made to Preorder!
8. Down to the last spot for the July 22-24 Lathe Cut Camp, and Record Lathes coming up for sale very soon!

1. New Vice Article on PIAPTK!

A few years back I had an article featured on Vice's NOISEY. This time around, they wrote a very nice feature on their site, CREATORS. Check It Out! If you want to catch up on a dozen other articles and interviews and whatever, check out my personal online portfolio site:

2. The Lathe Cave Instant Merch Machine launches with Spaceface and SM Wolf
Whenever PIAPTK's friends/artists come through Tucson, they always stop for a tour of the Lathe Cave. A new tradition has been born. If they have enough time, we've started a new tradition: create as many merch pieces as we can in three hours. From inception to completion, we cut the records, collage the covers, and pack them up. We send half with the band and sell half on the site. There are usually not very many, so these are amongst the most limited pieces we sell and each one is handmade by myself and the artist. Each record is split with infamous and iconic Greenlandic avant garde noise rock artist Gunther Olaafson's band Super Dead Black Black Fiery Crystal Fuck Wolf Girls with No Band/Kids Slash Horse Skulls and the Deer Beach Experience Project (Gho$t Mounta!nzzz) FKAKA Sung Lasses.

We have two new ones available:
Spaceface - Radiator (Rafting Remix)
SM WOLF - Warhorse.
Listen to a track here!


3. S.M. Wolf The Awful Spring standalone discs appear!

Back when we were making the SM WOLF Awful Spring Reel to Reel to Record Boxsets, we lost the original stack of discs and had to recut them. A month ago, the original batch appeared, buried in the bowels The Lathe Cave's Box Mountain, so rather than throw them away, we decided to make a more cost effective and less ostentatiously obnoxious version of the record. So here it is.

Listen to the track here!


4. Ruby Fray - Honor Psychedelic Swirl Silkscreened Pic Discs

Emily Beanblossom, the force between Chicago via Austin via Chicago via Olympia is an old friend of mine. She was the vocalist of Christmas (who PIAPTK released a picnic plate lathe cut for a decade ago). After a couple records on K, she is readying a new LP and this is the first peek at the gothy, 80s vibey track, Honor. Listen to it here:

Each disc is silkscreened and then marble painted by myself, my daughter, and her friend Madeline. They got paid an hourly wage and then quickly blew it all in an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese. Limited to 70 Copies.

Listen to the track here!


5. Mark Matos - Personality Splits Vol. 1

Mark Matos is one of those freak folk wanderers who is always popping up around and collaborating with the longtime core PIAPTK stable of artists: Golden Boots, The Blank Tapes, Graves, etc. He's always out in the world doing something weird; starting bands with Jason Simons from Dead Meadow, playing with veteran session dudes who have recorded with Dylan, making full soundtrack albums for a James Franco passion project indie film, etc. I see him all the time, but rarely in the same place.

He's got a million different projects under different names with radically different styles. For his PIAPTK debut, we decided to explore those different entities with a series called "Personality Splits". Each record in the series will contain two different projects. The first one features Sonny Santos (a "found-tape" performer from 1970's Tucson who you can imagine hanging out and recording with Rodriguez or Lee Hazelwood. The Second is Son Tea. To quote Matos "Son Tea is a western mytholgist and counter-cultural anthropologist who dabbles in Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Freek Jazz and soft drugs. Son Tea replaced the increasingly erratic Trans Van Santos as Chief Archivist at in the summer of 2017."

Vol. 1 is limited to 42 copies on square lathe cuts, with covers hand-painted by Matos himself.

Listen to the track here!


6. Fronjentress - ST 10"

Greg Olin from Graves goes Country!
One of my top 3 favorite songwriters of all time makes the record I always dreamed he would. With Greg singing beautiful duets with drummer Elizabeth Venable, Fronjentress's debut EP is the kind of record that would sound right at home blasting through the AM radio in your beat-to-shit farm truck.

Limited to 75 copies on clear lathe cut 10".

Listen to the track here!


7. Golden Boots - H.A.L.T. 2x10" Made to Preorder

These are made as part of the Made-To-Preorder series. They are available to order for one week, we make that many and then it is out of print in this format for good! We always make an extra ten to have on hand for stragglers, but once they are gone, these are gone for good!

PIAPTK's favorite sons are always reinventing themselves. This time the core duo of Dimitri Manos and Ryen Eggleston are joined by frequent collaborator and Haboob mastermind, Jeff Grubic for stripped down Guitar/Bass/Omnichord/Saxophone tropical jams of new tunes, covers, and Boots classics!

Listen to it at their bandcamp:


8. Lathe Cut Camp has ONE spot left & Lathes for Sale!

We are down to one spot on the upcoming Lathe Cut Camp and I am working feverishly to finish up the restorations on 4 new record lathes. They ARE NICE. So, if you have any interest in learning about the process, making your own records, etc. consider coming to the Camp to see if it's actually for you. You get to cut your own records to take home! Email me through the site if you want to talk about possibly buying a lathe. If you come to the camp and end up buying a machine, you can deduct the cost of the camp from the price of the lathe.


thanks again. mike.

Posted on July 10th, 2017
Mirah, Will Johnson, Arrington, Be Gulls Handmade, Haboob 2nd Ed, and new Distro from Burger!

Well, in this email, we are taking a serious trip down memory lane. Going back to the beginnings of PIAPTK in Olympia, Circa 2006. New releases from Mirah (who I've been BEGGING to work with since we started), Will Johnson (going back to PIAPTK-008), Arrington DiDionysio (PIAPTK-043, and re-enacting one of the first lathe cuts I made myself), and some Be Gulls hand made LPs, Haboob second edition, and Burger Records distro for good measure.

On the Docket:
1. Mirah - No Guns No Guns Silkscreened Pressed 7" ltd to 200
2. Arrington DiDionysio - Live to Lathe This Saxophone Kills Fascists ltd to 70. Handpainted covers by Arrington
3. Will Johnson - Murder of (the Dance) 7" picture disc
4. Be Gulls - Dead Giveaway Handmade fancy vinyl edition - Handmade by Kyle Field and Lee Baggett.
5. Burger Records Distro - New distro titles from Tobin Sprout, Natural Child, Dwarves, Exotic Adrian Street, Cherry Glazerr and Unkle Funkle!
6. Haboob 2nd Pressing in Alternate artwork!
7. If you didn't donate to the GofundMe for Peter King, Godfather of Lathe Cuts. PLEASE DO.

ALSO, PS... There are still a couple spots for the July 22-24 Lathe Cut Camp available!

1. Mirah - No Guns, No Guns silkscreened 7"!
Mirah has been PIAPTK's white whale for the last decade. I've been talking to her for years about doing something together, and finally, it became real. No Guns, No Guns is a track that revisits the sound that made me first fall in love with her music, lo-fi, four track but totally rockin'. It's a song that really sums up the way that a lot of us feel these days. This 7" is limited to only 198 copies, and the blank side was silkscreened by our Tucson friends at Cream Forever. The A-side was handstamped, and they come in heavy duty mylar picture disc sleeves.
Listen to the track here!

2. Arrington DiDionysio - This Saxophone Kills Fascists 7" Live to Lathe!
Back in 2007, one of the very first releases that I cut myself on my first, shitty, suitcase record lathe was Arrington recording freak jazz directly to plastic picnic plates. Arrington then hand-painted all of the covers. Well, 10 years later, Arrington and I revisted the concept, this time to my higher fidelity Presto 6Ns onto plexiglass. Arrington, hot off his weirdo accidental entanglement in the whole stupid #PIZZAGATE scandal, stopped through the Lathe Cave on tour and spent the afternoon recording avant garde free-jazz with some Tucson heavy hitters.

Musicians include: Dimitri Manos (Golden Boots, American Monoxide), Jeff Grubic (Golden Boots/Haboob), Sean Rogers (Golden Boots/Fur Family/Orkestra Mendoza), Jeff Lownsbury (Haboob/Katterwaul/Night Collectors), Steven Romo (Romo Tonight/Asian Fred/Ghostal), and even yours truly.

We recorded 9 unique performances directly to 8 lathes each, and ended up with about 70 good records. Arrington took 35, and we kept 35. but only have about 25 for sale, since we had to give copies to the performers and kept a couple for the archives. Arrington hand-painted all of the covers, and he usually sells his art for hundreds of dollars. This is your chance to own a unique piece of art/music from a true outsider weirdo.

Includes a digital download of all 9 performances, guaranteed to annoy your co-workers!

Listen to a track here!

3. Will Johnson - Murder of (the Dance) Transperency Pic Disc

Will Johnson (Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel, Monsters of Folk) was one of the most important artists in the world to me when I was 18. Centro-Matic's debut "Redo the Stacks" was the soundtrack to my year of physical therapy in 1998 as I recovered from a devastating car wreck that broke both of my legs and jumbled my insides. Will has, since then, continued to build one of the most consistent and incredible catalogs you can imagine, and remains one of my favorite artists. He contributed to the Limited Edition Subscription Club, that put PIAPTK on the map in 2006, and I've been regularly hitting him up for the last decade about doing something else. And, finally, here it is.

This transparency picture disc is packaged in a heavy duty mylar pic disc sleeve and is limited to 70 copies. If it sells out as fast as I think it will, I *may* do a second run on non-transperency pic discs, so if you miss out on this one, you might have a second chance.

Listen to the track here!

4. Be Gulls - Dead Giveaway LP HANDMADE Versions.

Soild Gold accidentally fell into releasing artist-handmade versions of weirdo vinyl patterns over a few releases and this is the next installment of that. There were 40 copies of the Dead Giveaway LP that we made on translucent green with "Pressman's Choice" splatter. And Kyle Field and Lee Baggett of Be Gulls handmade covers for them using pen drawing, watercolor, and papercutting. There are only 15 available through us, because the band got half the copies.


5. Burger Records Distro

Occasionally when I'm in LA, I stop through Fullerton to visit our buds at Burger Records and swap some PIAPTK releases for Burger Records to sell through the distro. This time I grabbed some of the Tobin Sprout new LP and reissues, The Dwarves, Natural Child, Cherry Glazerr, and The Exotic Adrian Street (amazing glam rock pro wrestler... seriously check this record out!). A ton of old distro records are still on clearance!


6. Haboob Second Pressing w/Alternate Art!
We sold out of the first pressing of the ST LP from Tucson Instrumental Psych Jazz combo, Haboob, in about a day, so we made another 100, this time with a brand new cover, silkscreened and hand colored by Haboob mastermind, Jeff Grubic. Features mems of Golden Boots, Andrew Collberg, Asian Fred, Ohioan, etc. The feedback from folks who got the first pressing was amazing and highly unexpected (it's a very different record than we usually do).

Listen to it here!


Posted on June 9th, 2017
Lathe Cut Camp 5! TP and Rarities GIVEAWAY, ETC!

Lathe Cut Camp! Cleaning House! Giving away a ton of test pressings and archives copies and dropped the prices of most of the distro records to $7.

1. Lathe Cut Camp Five!
2. Get a free test pressing
2. Buy our K Records, Orindal, Folktale, Etc Distro records for as low as $3!!
3. New PIAPTK interview up with New Commute here!

LATHE CUT CAMP FIVE! July 22-24th, 2017

Spend three days in scenic Tucson, AZ learning (almost) everything you need to know about DIY Record Cutting! The focus of this camp will be on mono "semi-professional" machines, with particular focus on Presto 6Ns, which are one of the most common and affordable vintage machines around. You can do some amazing things with these incredible machines, and I will show you how. Bring your own music and we will put it onto discs for you to take home. We will touch on professional record mastering/pressing, but my main interest and experience, and the focus of this camp will be on the more DIY and experimental side of the hobby. There are only 6 spots available, so buy early because every previous camp has sold out!

Perfect if you are interested in:
Vinyl records and how their masters are cut
Learning how this strange black art works
Buying a lathe to make your own records
Ordering lathe cuts from a lathe cut service
Cutting your own music to disc

Topics covered:
The science behind vinyl record cutting
Lathe Operations and equipment
The pressing process
Lacquer dub plate cutting
Experimental and alternative materials (plexiglass, laserdiscs, picnic plates, etc)

Please Note: You are responsible for your own transportation to/from Tucson and your accommodations. However, the hotels here are pretty damn cheap. And, if you want, I've got a cute mid-mod casita mother in law next to my house that I rent on airbnb, that can be yours for the whole stay for $200. You can also stay in my spare bedroom for $125.


As usual, our operating budget can’t keep up with our release schedule, so it’s time to raise some money...again :-( So, we are cleaning out the archives more and offering them up FOR FREE for those adventurous souls who love records, have some expendable income, and want to help support our little weirdo vanity label so we can continue vainly releasing weirdo artifacts.

With every release, we hold back a handful of copies for various reasons: 1) for our archives 2) so that if something happens in the post (lost/damaged, etc) or with the website, we have replacements 3) Accidental oversells, 4) In case one of the handful of our super regular customers misses out on something we can hook them up, etc. This is especially true for records we know will sell out immediately, so we keep even more of them.

The ethical quandary I find myself in is that these releases end up (sometimes not much) later selling on ebay and discogs for ridiculous amounts. I don’t want to take advantage of people who really wanted one but missed the initial sale, but I ALSO don’t want to sell one for the original price to someone who is just going to turn around and jack up the price and take advantage of people who really wanted one but missed the original sale. I ALSO don’t need to keep 10 copies of each packed away in a box in the lathe cave.

My main fantasy about these larger releases is that people will learn about PIAPTK through them and hopefully check out all the other artists that I love and work so hard to promote. So, I came up with this offer that hits all three objectives: Raise a little money without price gouging, turning people on to our other artists, and getting these valuable rarities out of the basement.

Spend $250+ and get your choice of the following highly sought after and out of print releases (many of which have sold for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market) FOR FREE. Or, if you want me to just pick you out a good, representative swath of the catalog, choose your freebie, and select "GRAB BAG" and I'll pick you out $300 worth of records for $250.00

JUST ADD THE ITEM TO YOUR CART AND THEN PURCHASE AT LEAST $250 WORTH OF OTHER RECORDS (must be included with an order of $250 or more, or free disc will NOT be included in the shipment!).

Scott McMicken – IT Test Pressing
Scott McMicken – In Your Dreams Test Pressing
Scott McMicken – In Your Dreams Splatter Version (may be an artist copy or packing party copy)
The Flaming Lips – Good Vibrations Eulerian Circle Disc
Grandaddy – Arm of Roger/The Ham and It’s Lily Mustard and Ketchup Splatter Version (may be an artist copy or packing party copy)
Floating Action – Reseach black vinyl test pressing
Kristofferson Tribute 2xLP + Letterpressed Cover + Bonus Flexi (Wooden Wand + Miniature and Presidential)
Wooden Wand – Born Bad Test Pressing
Mona Reels – Volume One Test Pressing
Anni Rossi/Whitman 10” Test Pressing
Four Way Split Midwest LP – Test Pressing
Jeffrey Lewis – Outtakes Test Pressing
Skrill Meadow – Lost on Vacation Test Pressing
Golden Boots - LABRYYYNTH – ST TP
Casper and the Cookies – Modern Silence 2xLP TP
Casper and the Cookies – Optimist’s Club TP
Southerly – Storyteller and the Gossip Columnist TP
Little Wings – Made it Rain LP TP
American Monoxide – In Flight Mode LP TP
Lazer Zeppelin – American Derivative LP TP
Eric Slick – Out of Habit Black vinyl TP
R Stevie Moore/Billy Anderson 7” TP
Floating Action – Hold Your Fire 2xLP TP


Or, if you don't want to drop quite that much coin, we still have a couple of PIAPTK Grab Bags with random Test Pressings and Rarities available here:

We've still got a small selection of K Records, Orindal, Burger, New West, Polyvinyl, etc records that we swap PIAPTK records for with labels we love. We just want to move them out, so they've all been marked down from $3-10.

Pick them up here!



1) Help The FATHER of Lathe Cut Records, PETER KING!

Kris Dorr and I made the pilgrimage down to New Zealand this January to hang out with the one and only Peter King.
While it was amazing meeting and hanging out with the man who spawned an entire weirdo niche industry of alternative material records, it was also pretty depressing. Due to his luddite, non-technological approach (he has never used a computer), and the influx of new lathe cutters (and I would be lying if I didn't feel a lot of responsibility for some of them), Peter's orders have dried up to literally none.

We are launching a GoFundMe to help raise some money to get him on the internet and trained so that he can start to adapt to modern commerce and get some orders flowing again. We also want to help him pay down some of the credit card debt he has accrued over the last several years of declining orders, and the medical bills he incurred due to a car accident which required two eye transplants (neither of which has taken very well to his body, and which has left him mostly blind.)

He could also use some new orders, so as much as I hate sending jobs to the competition, Peter could really use the work.

Help the Godfather of Lathe Cut Vinyl Records, Peter King!

Peter King has been making very short run custom records for thousands of bands all over the world for the last 30+ years. But now, a horrible car wreck has left him mostly blind (despite two eye transplants), and his “old-school” approach to technology (he has never used a computer) have made it very difficult for the man who invented the alternative material record to compete with dozens of new companies offering the services he invented and built a market for. His order requests have slowed to almost zero over the last year and he is now living off of a credit card (which is maxed out).

This Gofundme will raise money for the following:

1) To get Peter a computer and online so he can begin taking emails, online payments, and accepting digital downloads. Customers currently have to snail mail CDs, international wire transfer payments, and call or fax Peter if they want to get ahold of him. This extra work in the digital age has sent customers to other suppliers, despite Peter’s reputation and experience.
2) Launch a PR and outreach campaign to Peter’s former and potential clients.
2) Buy a backup lathe. Peter has the opportunity to buy an extra lathe for a very reasonable price. He currently has four (two of which he built himself out of washing machine parts with some very crafty DIY ingenuity), but after decades of use and on the fly repairs taking their toll, he needs an extra machine for parts.
3) Help pay down his debts. Between medical bills and living expenses while he was unable to work/had declining orders, Peter has tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Any small bit that we can pay down would be immensely helpful.

About Peter:
Peter King making lathe cut records in (ADD YEAR??). Using techniques and materials that he developed, he was the first to offer small bands an alternative to the standard record pressing process that required orders of 500+ and investments of thousands of dollars. You could order 20 copies for $100. This made the vinyl record dreams of thousands of bands that would otherwise never have come true. But amongst the scores of small and unknown bands were some pretty huge names. Peter made records for bands like The Beastie Boys, Donovan, and Pavement.

Peter built his own machines and techniques from the ground up. There is now a thriving hobbyist and small business niche that completely owes it’s existence to him. Collectively, hundreds of thousands of music fans and artists have been touched by Peter’s influence.

I have known Peter for over ten years. He is kind and extremely generous with his knowledge and experience. And I am trying to pay him back for all that he is done for myself and the lathe cut record community by giving him the funding and computer skills he needs to continue to be competitive in the digital age. Peter’s work is his life and our goal is to get him back to work. Thank you for your help!

Help spread the word!

Posted on May 23rd, 2017