Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Modest Mouse Lathe Cut 7", SM Wolf Outtakes LP!

Well, this is a pretty wild release email for me. One more of my top ten favorite all time artists scratched off the bucket list.

If you are one of the people cruising into PIAPTK for the first time, please check out the rest of our catalog, there will definitely be some things that you will enjoy!

SM WOLF - Sorry Joint LP!

This album is a collection of EPs, singles, and B-sides spanning from 2013 to 2023. All songs written and recorded by Adam in various Indianapolis houses, on computer, and 4 and 8 track reel-to-reels.

S.M. Wolf has had several iterations over the years, but on this album the band is a combination of Adam Gross, Melanie Rau, Ben Leslie, Bryan Unruh, and Rachel Enneking. Not featured on the record, but equally loved current and former members, are BC Nelson, Adam Kuhn and James Furness.

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MODEST MOUSE - Oats / Pumpkin Field

This was extremely unexpected. At 5:00 on 9/19/23 I Was having drinks with Modest Mouse across the street from the Rialto Theater where they were playing that night. Unprompted, Isaac said "We have these two weird songs we recorded at soundcheck last night, could you make some records for us to sell tonight?" I told him about the PIAPTK "Instant Merch Machine" Concept (previous releases from THe Fruit Bats, Oblivians/Reigning Sound, Spaceface, Arrington DiDionysio, SM Wolf, etc). He and Russell both drew onto a cocktail napkin, and my buddy Cash and I drove across Tucson to the studio and started pounding them out. 2 hours later, we were headed back to the venue with 72 copies for MM to sell that night. ANd the next day, we cut another 72 for PIAPTK to sell.

This is a one sided clear square with insert, limited to 144 copies. The two songs are more akin to the early Sad Sappy Sucker era weirdness than their more polished newer tracks, so please understand before you buy this that it is a weirdo rarity!

There is NO digital component to this. Analog only.

If you are a Modest Mouse fan and haven't bought the Jeremiah Green or Rudy Waltz (Eric Judy) CD/Vinyl Hybrid discs (CDs that will play on both your turntable AND in your cd player!), now is your chance! Also please check out the rest of our catalog!

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Posted on September 21st, 2023
Dream Sitch, Mr. Husband, Adam Gross, and Lathe Cut Camp 21

Remember when I said that the last email would be the last blast until fall. Well, it definitely isn't fall in Tucson, yet. But, I didn't lie, shit has just changed so here we are, rollin' with the flow. Too many great releases shaping up and need to roll 'em out.

1. Dream Sitch 2: Long Rattle LP
2. Mr. Husband - Ocean Pines Hand Painted 10" Lathe Cut
3. Adam Gross - Phantosmia - Lathe Cut Stereo LP Pic Disc
4. Lathe Cut Camp #21 - Nov 4-6, 2023
5. Do me a favor and browse our past releases... I'm broke and have a lot of fun and expensive projects on the docket waiting for funding.

1. Dream Sitch - Long Rattle LP!

The Sophomore album from Michael Nau (Cotton Jones Basket Ride, Page France, Scott McMicken and the Ever-Expanding) and Seth Kauffman (Floating Action, plus studio and live sideman for almost everybody).

DS2 followed the same method as DS1.. Mike sent a vocal & guitar, or loop, recording to Seth in the morning, and Seth built the song out by afternoon, reacting to the song during first listen. That’s the gist of the exercise, a quick moving back and forth for a few days, ending in an album.

Limited to 200 copies, all on White w/ Red Black Blue Splatter.
Ltd Ed of 100 Copies on Deluxe Edition" Includes exclusive "Hi-Dez Remix" Lathe cut 7". Comes with one of 6 different artworks by Gretchen Kauffman.

Pick up a copy of Dream Sitch - ST at a reduced price if you don't already have it.

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2. Mr. Husband - Ocean Pines 10" Handpainted Lathe Cut

#3 in the slow-rolling (but always quick to sell out) reissue series of the Mr. Husband back catalog.
Limited edition of 50 on Lathe Cut Blue 10" Vinyl, All hand painted and signed by Mr. Husband.

From Kenny:
I spent the brutally cold month of January 2018 hunched over a 4-track cassette recorder in my attic in Frederick. Maryland making this record all by my lonesome. I used some old damaged cassettes that had been stored in my hot garage for over a decade and as I started tracking I realized they could only hold a tiny bit of volume before falling apart so I had to record everything at a whisper level. (This made Lindsay happy as she was trying to sleep in the room below while I was recording). There is a yin and yang, a push and pull to the songs on Ocean Pines. There are friendly, warm lullabies of the present. There are aching, sorrowful memories of the past. I was tempted to split them into two groups but in the end it felt more true to my life and my experience to have all the good and bad, all the comfort and sorrow, swirling together into one.

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3. Adam Gross - Phantosmia LP

SM Wolf / Amo Joy leader, Adam Gross goes solo and takes it down a notch! This time leaning much more into quiet indie folk ala Elliot Smith, Iron and WIne, etc but with his own spin. This is my favorite album of his yet. Adam and I go back a LONG time. He is one of my favorite people and many times it seems like we've been riding the same universal wavelength since we met in 2007. We've run into each other totally randomly all over the country, travelled the world together, etc. Not only do I love his music, I love him. Please check it out!

If I am sold out, Adam will have some on his bandcamp at some point. So keep an eye out!

Profesh Blurb:
Phantosmia is the debut solo LP from Indianapolis songwriter Adam Graahs. This album steps away from the fuzzed out guitar leads and belting vocals of his bands S.M. Wolf and Amo Joy, and lands in a more contemplative space. Starting life on home-recorded reel to reel tapes, the album’s warm sonic characteristics compliment its pastoral tones and help balance the sometimes heavy political undertones of the lyrics.With finger-picked acoustic guitar filling the foreground, beds of clarinets and synthesizers give the songs a subtle, surrealistic atmosphere that’s perfect for cloudy days inside or long summer drives.

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4. Lathe Cut Camp #21 - Nov 4-6, 2023

Lathe Cut Camp 20 in September sold out quick, so it's time for another Lathe Cut Camp.Nov 4-6, 2023 in Tucson, AZ This will be the last one until at least Spring 2024. Possibly April.

(This Camp is PERFECT FOR NEWBIES or Folks who just want to learn how it's done whether they want to start cutting themselves or not!)

(Classes are Saturday thru Monday, but Monday is just extra practice and cutting of campers records, so if you need to fly in late Friday and leave late Sunday, you will get most of the information)



Spend three days in scenic Tucson, AZ learning (almost) everything you need to know about DIY Record Cutting! The focus of this camp will be on mono "semi-professional" machines, with particular focus on Presto 6Ns, which are one of the most common and "industry standard" vintage machines around. (if you have a different model that you want to learn more about, please ask! I may have one you can use here, or you can bring your own). You can do some amazing things with these incredible machines, and I will show you how.

We will also talk about and do a little Stereo Diamond cutting demo, which is new for this lathe cut camp!

Bring your own music and we will put it onto discs for you to take home. We will touch on professional record mastering/pressing, but my main interest and experience, and the focus of this camp, will be on the more DIY and experimental side of the hobby. There are only 8 spots available, so buy early because every previous camp has sold out!

Perfect if you are interested in:
Vinyl records and how their masters are cut
Learning how this strange black art works
Buying a lathe to make your own records
Ordering lathe cuts from a lathe cut service
Cutting your own music to disc

Topics covered:
The science behind vinyl record cutting
Lathe Operations and equipment
The pressing process
Lacquer dub plate cutting
Experimental and alternative materials (plexiglass, laserdiscs, picnic plates, etc)
Stereo Diamond Hifi One-Off Records (Introduction to)

Please Note: You are responsible for your own transportation to/from Tucson and your accommodations. The New Lathe Cave is in Midtown Tucson near the corner of Grant and North Country Club Rd.

Purchase is non-refundable. I understand that sometimes plans change and things go awry, and will try to apply your credit to a future camp, but due to the limited nature of the camp, I can't refund your payment if you aren't able to attend.

About the Presenter: For more info on me, please visit the About page of this site.

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Posted on July 31st, 2023
Site Issues

My web platform is having some issues. They are working to correct them. Please check back if you are unable to check out. Sorry. :-/ Mike

Posted on April 20th, 2023
Dr Dogs' Toby Leaman, Floating Action, Gift Machine, Archives Deep Dig!

Last blast until the fall!

Got a crazy summer coming up with Mobile Vinyl Recorders gigs, Lathe Installations and just general work tomfoolery, so I'll be probably taking the summer off of releases, but we are blowing the roof off this one before we go (help us with a little summer fun money).

1. Gift Machine - Consolation Prize LP
2. Floating Action - Glacial Speed LP
3. Floating Action Reissue Survey
4. Toby Leaman - Military Applications EP
5. Social Distortion + More Outlaw Country Cruise charity 7"s!
6. Archives and Test Pressing Deep Dig
7. Closed Distributor = A few records back in print

The Gift Machine - Consolation Prize!

Limited Edition of only 200 on random mix color vinyl!

The new record from old PIAPTK buds, The Gift Machine! A co-release with Gift Machine's own New Tangles Label!

If you haven't already picked up the excellet New Tangles LP we released a few years ago, we are running a special package deal. $35 for both!

Listen to the whole album at Music | the gift machine (

The Gift Machine is an indie rock/psych pop quartet (and sometimes more) currently based in rural North County San Diego. Forged in the freakishly fervent creativity of the Pacific Northwest, The Gift Machine’s Dave Matthies has worked with an impressive list of Northwest notables including Phil Elverum (The Microphones, Mount Eerie), Karl Blau, Little Wings, Lee Baggett, Your Heart Breaks, Laura Veirs, Bret Lunsford (D+, Beat Happening) and many more. After relocating to the San Diego several years ago and collaborating with now wife Andrea Gruber Matthies, Matthies has helmed The Gift Machine through many albums of critical acclaim, touring the US, and even time on the CMJ album charts….but still has mostly stayed under the radar. “Consolation Prize” is full of fuzzed out sing alongs both sweet and gritty, featuring the beautifully intertwined voices of the husband and wife team. With guitar interplay reminiscent of the Feelies or vintage Flying Nun thanks to guitarist Matt Lawson’s and Matthies’ thick layers of bright and shimmering, spacious guitars, the songs are sweeping and cinematic, also belying a more modern dreampop/shoegaze influence. The propulsive rhythm section of Alanna Cassidy and Andrea Gruber Matthies has a hopeful, forward momentum at a steady pace.

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Floating Action - Glacial Speed LP! PREORDER.

(This Preorder should ship by Mid May(ish) Any items ordered with this item will be shipped when it arrives to our studio))

Limited Edition of only 200! On Black 180g Vinyl!

The next Final Floating Action record and Final PIAPTK release!

Available in three editions. All editions include a custom Glacial Speed ICE SCRAPER.

-Regular: 180g Black Vinyl LP + Ice Scraper - only 125 available.
-Deluxe: 180g Black Vinyl LP + "Grease the Palms" Lathe Cut oversized Postcard pic disc + Ice Scraper - Only 50 available.
-Handmade: Handmade stencil covers made by Seth in his backyard with the Oversized Postcard Lathe + Ice Scraper . Ltd ed of 40

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Floating Action Reissue Surveys

Are you one of the tons of folks constantly hitting us up about how you wish we would repress the classic, Pre-PIAPTK Floating Action LPs because they cost too damn much on discogs? Well, put yr money where your mouth is. Pay $.01 below to register interest in whichever albums you would purchase if this becomes a reality. Anyone who votes gets first dibs on the reissues if they happen.

We found a place that will produce 200 LPs and turn them around pretty quickly. They would be $25 a piece, with the possibility of doing a boxset if there is enough interest in all of them.

Reissue Contenders are:
-Floating Action (2009)
-Desert Etiquette (2011)
-Fake Blood (2012)

Vote Here!

dd Toby Leaman - Military Applications!

Debut solo release from Dr Dog's dd Toby Leaman

(This Preorder should ship by Mid May(ish) Any items ordered with this item will be shipped when it arrives to our studio))

We are so excited to release the debut EP 12" from Dr Dog Co-Frontman Toby Leaman!

Limited to only 300 copies on Yellow Vinyl, 300 on Pink Vinyl, and (maybe only) 400 black vinyl.

There are 20 "Test Pressing Patron Packs" that include a Military Applications Test Pressing and a unique color version of the release in a super limited MIRROR PRINT version of the sleeve. The Mirror Print version will not be available for purchase.

Listen to the whole album at: Military Applications | dd Toby Leaman (

Dr. Dog co-frontman, dd Toby Leaman bludgeons his way into a musical masterpiece on this solo debut . Speedy pump up jams that pair perfectly with our modern life or past lives. Wildly diverse, vibrant, and dynamic, these songs share the same charm and top notch musicianship that have become a Dr. Dog hallmark.
Dog fans might enjoy the posi-dub vibes of "Don't Worry" or be familiar with the Armageddon love song trope expertly rendered in"7th Seal". But you don't have to be a Dr. Dog fan to dig this record. There is truly something for everyone. If you're into ripping guitar solos and coda rants, "Spooked by the Kooks" should do the trick. If crazed story songs with killer choruses are more your speed, then we suggest "The Runaway". If you want to bop and boogie your way through modern terrors try "Military Applications". If you can't get enough existential synth apathy and optimism, "Rider" will get you through the night.

Spooked By The Kooks
Military Applications
Don't Worry
7th Seal
The Runaway

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Outlaw Country Cruise Charity 7"s!!
Social Distortion, Lillie Mae, Deke Dickerson, and Jade Jackson

Last November I got to cut records on the Outlaw Country Cruise West for a ton of killer artist, including my absolute faves, Terry Allen and Steve Earle. I am also cutting the charity 7"s for Social Distortion, Lille Mae, Jade Jackson, and my bud, Deke Dickerson and the Whippersnappers. These are all killer recordings and all profits benefit TeachRock, Little Stevie Van Zandt's music education charity. Pick them up here:
Merch | Outlaw Country West (

Archives and Test Pressing Deep Dig!

Classic out of print records and test pressings

So, for every record that I make, I always try to keep at least 5 copies of each lathe cut and 10 copies of each pressed record for my archives. This assures that I won't oversell it, have replacements in case the USPS does what the USPS does best (loses/destroys a package), have a copy for a good friend who is a super fan, etc etc.

Every once in a while I clean out the archives, find random things here or there, etc and list them t clear out space. For the most part these are listed at the original prices. Just please don't be that discogs flipper asshole that jacks the prices up on these rarities, please.

There are some things offered up now that haven't been available in years.


BONUS - Closed Distributor = A couple records back in print

We just got back about 6 boxes of stock from a distributor that went defunct so we got about 10-15 copies of each of the following records back and so they are temporarily back in print:
Mirah - No Guns No Guns 7"
Sugar Candy Mountain - 666
Casper and the Cookies - Modern Silence 2xLP
Wooden Wand - Archives LPs
American Monoxide - In Flight Mode
Grey Waves - VOID LP
JIm White - Waffles, Triangles, and Jesus
Saqqara Mastabas - (Matt from FIery FUrnaces + Bob from Sebadoh)

Posted on April 20th, 2023
Sloppy Joe & The Cruise DEMOS unearthed! Mila Webb! Lathe Cut Camp #18

Well, the time between emails just gets longer and longer each time, huh? One of these days, the world won't have PIAPTK to kick around anymore. BUT THAT'S NOT TODAY! Today I got some projects that have been in the works for quite a while that we are finally finishing up. And boy, are we stoked!

What have I been up to since the last time we talked, you ask? Just the usual... did a 7 day turn and burn lathe buying/installing trip from Tucson-Chicago-Indianapolis-Louisville-St Louis-Denver-Tucson. Cut records for my hero, Terry Allen on the Outlaw Country Cruise to Cabo, flew to Paris to install a record lathe for Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk and cut records at a Science and Industry Museum, held two lathe cut camps, restored and sold about 15-20 record lathes and moved them into new homes, etc. The devil will make work for idle hands to do. I also cut these new releases somewhere in the middle of all that wildness.

**NEW TIK TOK TREND I'm trying to get off the ground: It's called The Back Catalog Challenge. It's easy! You just choose a random album out of the PIAPTK back catalog, buy it, and then post a Tik Tok of you listening to it and doing a silly dance. I don't have a Tik Tok to tag (do you even do that on Tik Tok?) so please tag Cardi B with all PIAPTK posts. Thanks!

This Time:
1) Sloppy Joe & The Cruise - Sloppy Sails Alone (Demos and Outtakes)
2) Mila Webb - Lucky Nights Lathe Cut 12" Pic Discs
3) Grab Bag - $300 worth for $100!
4) Lathe Cut Camp 18

Sloppy Sails Alone - Outtakes and Rarities from the Keep on Cruisin' Sessions.

Sloppy Sails Alone: Unearthed Outtakes, Demos, and Forgotten Sketches from Deep in the Archive Closets of Sand Dune Sound.

“When we released “Keep on Cruising” by Sloppy Joe and the Cruise, we were under the distinct impression that the album represented the sum total and entirety of the recorded output of Key West songwriter, Sloppy Joe Flappens.

However, upon it's release, we got an email out of the blue from Roger Adams, who, as it turns out, was actually present at the recording sessions. Roger was 19 at the time, and was both the assistant to, and son of, engineer and producer, “Swifty” Adams. (If this doesn't ring a bell, please pick up a copy of “Keep on Cruisin'” and read all about it in the enclosed zine. Or, email and Mike from the label will send you a pdf.).

Sloppy Sails Alone has been culled from these tapes and includes a free download of home demo versions of the entire Keep on Cruisin' album.

On white, lathe cut 12" vinyl
"Tequila Sunrise" filled Vinyl Ltd to 25 copies with Sand Dune Sound Ashtray! Made by Filled Record Master, Matt Ortt at Plastikat Deviations. Also comes in a heavy duty top-loader sleeve.

Pick One Up Here!

Mila Webb - Lucky Nights 12" Pic Disc

Mila Webb - Lucky Nights 12" Lathe Cut Pic Disc in Sleeves Handmade by Mila!

I was so stoked when our buddies at Perpetual Doom approached us to co-release the vinyl for Mila Webb's "Lucky Nights" LP. As two story melody put it "Mila Webb weaves sly, psychedelic melodies into a ghostly folk palette in her new single “Lucky Nights.” Webb leans into the gentle swing of traditional folk here while employing a fresh, subversive twist. Her sound is reminiscent of Faye Webster, with the lyrical punch of Wolf Alice. The song is plainspoken, drifty, and unapologetically sentimental – all while a thread of longing runs through the track. “Everything has hunger and no one’s ever satisfied,” Webb sings. “Still I won’t forget the way it felt to have you on my side. You give me lucky nights.”"

Check out the video for the title track here:

Mila is the daughter of JImmy Webb, who wrote a ton of stone cold classics in the 60s-70s, (google him) and she definitely inherited his talent for lyricism.

Limited to 50 copies on one-sided 12" stenciled and painted Lathe Cut Vinyl. Each cover is handmade by Mila with a unique etching.

Pick One Up Here!

$300 worth of PIAPTK for $100!

$300 worth of PIAPTK for only $100!

You know how it goes. We got back stock of badass records, but not money, so every once I need to move it along to a better home than cinder block shelves outside the bathroom at my new commercial space where I moved the label and the Lathe Cabe. So, we put together a big honkin stack of great records and tapes and sell them to you at a fraction (1/3rd to be exact) of the original price. Get a nice smattering of LPs, 10"s, 7"s, Lathe Cuts, Pressed Records, CD-Records, etc etc for obscenely cheap. I may even throw some rarities, archives, test pressings, MVR rarities, etc into the mix.

Some you definitely WON'T have, some you might, and those make great Xmas gifts for yr loved ones! Have you heard? VINYL IS COMING BACK. At least that is what every normie tells me when they come up to me while I cut records at festivals.

Pick One Up Here!

Lathe Cut Camp #18 - Feb 25-27, 2023, Tucson, AZ

These have been selling out crazy fast. Great for everyone! No experience required! Cut your own music onto records! If you know, you know. If you don't, but wanna, check out

Pick One Up Here!

Posted on December 7th, 2022