Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Sloppy Joe & The Cruise DEMOS unearthed! Mila Webb! Lathe Cut Camp #18

Well, the time between emails just gets longer and longer each time, huh? One of these days, the world won't have PIAPTK to kick around anymore. BUT THAT'S NOT TODAY! Today I got some projects that have been in the works for quite a while that we are finally finishing up. And boy, are we stoked!

What have I been up to since the last time we talked, you ask? Just the usual... did a 7 day turn and burn lathe buying/installing trip from Tucson-Chicago-Indianapolis-Louisville-St Louis-Denver-Tucson. Cut records for my hero, Terry Allen on the Outlaw Country Cruise to Cabo, flew to Paris to install a record lathe for Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk and cut records at a Science and Industry Museum, held two lathe cut camps, restored and sold about 15-20 record lathes and moved them into new homes, etc. The devil will make work for idle hands to do. I also cut these new releases somewhere in the middle of all that wildness.

**NEW TIK TOK TREND I'm trying to get off the ground: It's called The Back Catalog Challenge. It's easy! You just choose a random album out of the PIAPTK back catalog, buy it, and then post a Tik Tok of you listening to it and doing a silly dance. I don't have a Tik Tok to tag (do you even do that on Tik Tok?) so please tag Cardi B with all PIAPTK posts. Thanks!

This Time:
1) Sloppy Joe & The Cruise - Sloppy Sails Alone (Demos and Outtakes)
2) Mila Webb - Lucky Nights Lathe Cut 12" Pic Discs
3) Grab Bag - $300 worth for $100!
4) Lathe Cut Camp 18

Sloppy Sails Alone - Outtakes and Rarities from the Keep on Cruisin' Sessions.

Sloppy Sails Alone: Unearthed Outtakes, Demos, and Forgotten Sketches from Deep in the Archive Closets of Sand Dune Sound.

“When we released “Keep on Cruising” by Sloppy Joe and the Cruise, we were under the distinct impression that the album represented the sum total and entirety of the recorded output of Key West songwriter, Sloppy Joe Flappens.

However, upon it's release, we got an email out of the blue from Roger Adams, who, as it turns out, was actually present at the recording sessions. Roger was 19 at the time, and was both the assistant to, and son of, engineer and producer, “Swifty” Adams. (If this doesn't ring a bell, please pick up a copy of “Keep on Cruisin'” and read all about it in the enclosed zine. Or, email and Mike from the label will send you a pdf.).

Sloppy Sails Alone has been culled from these tapes and includes a free download of home demo versions of the entire Keep on Cruisin' album.

On white, lathe cut 12" vinyl
"Tequila Sunrise" filled Vinyl Ltd to 25 copies with Sand Dune Sound Ashtray! Made by Filled Record Master, Matt Ortt at Plastikat Deviations. Also comes in a heavy duty top-loader sleeve.

Pick One Up Here!

Mila Webb - Lucky Nights 12" Pic Disc

Mila Webb - Lucky Nights 12" Lathe Cut Pic Disc in Sleeves Handmade by Mila!

I was so stoked when our buddies at Perpetual Doom approached us to co-release the vinyl for Mila Webb's "Lucky Nights" LP. As two story melody put it "Mila Webb weaves sly, psychedelic melodies into a ghostly folk palette in her new single “Lucky Nights.” Webb leans into the gentle swing of traditional folk here while employing a fresh, subversive twist. Her sound is reminiscent of Faye Webster, with the lyrical punch of Wolf Alice. The song is plainspoken, drifty, and unapologetically sentimental – all while a thread of longing runs through the track. “Everything has hunger and no one’s ever satisfied,” Webb sings. “Still I won’t forget the way it felt to have you on my side. You give me lucky nights.”"

Check out the video for the title track here:

Mila is the daughter of JImmy Webb, who wrote a ton of stone cold classics in the 60s-70s, (google him) and she definitely inherited his talent for lyricism.

Limited to 50 copies on one-sided 12" stenciled and painted Lathe Cut Vinyl. Each cover is handmade by Mila with a unique etching.

Pick One Up Here!

$300 worth of PIAPTK for $100!

$300 worth of PIAPTK for only $100!

You know how it goes. We got back stock of badass records, but not money, so every once I need to move it along to a better home than cinder block shelves outside the bathroom at my new commercial space where I moved the label and the Lathe Cabe. So, we put together a big honkin stack of great records and tapes and sell them to you at a fraction (1/3rd to be exact) of the original price. Get a nice smattering of LPs, 10"s, 7"s, Lathe Cuts, Pressed Records, CD-Records, etc etc for obscenely cheap. I may even throw some rarities, archives, test pressings, MVR rarities, etc into the mix.

Some you definitely WON'T have, some you might, and those make great Xmas gifts for yr loved ones! Have you heard? VINYL IS COMING BACK. At least that is what every normie tells me when they come up to me while I cut records at festivals.

Pick One Up Here!

Lathe Cut Camp #18 - Feb 25-27, 2023, Tucson, AZ

These have been selling out crazy fast. Great for everyone! No experience required! Cut your own music onto records! If you know, you know. If you don't, but wanna, check out

Pick One Up Here!

Posted on December 7th, 2022
New LPs from Jason Simon (Dead Meadow), Spaceface, and Golden Boots! New Lathe Cut Camp!

Hey. How are ya? I'm crazy busy as usual. Been buying/selling/installing Record Lathes all over the world. Recent stops in Scotland, England and Medellin, Colombia. Upcoming stops in Minneapolis, Portland, LA, and Toronto. PIAPTK is doing what it does, cruising along in the background until it needs to be foreground, and that, as you might guess, is right now. But just for now, soon it will be backburnered until the next time it forces itself onto the frontburner again, and then it gets dealt with, you get an email, and so it goes.

This Time:
1) Jason Simon - Hindsight 2020 LP
2) Spaceface - Anemoia LP
3) Golden Boots - Nite Drives Handmade version
4) Lathe Cut Camp 16
5) Record Lathes For Sale

Jason Simon - Hindsight 2020

Jason Simon is a diverse and prolific artist. Not only the frontman for long running stoner rock three piece Dead Meadow, he also records solo albums and collaborative records (including with PIAPTK alum Trans Van Santos (OId Mexico) under pseudonyms like Old Testament, The Blasted Heath, and The Red Out.

Hindsight 2020 has been LONG in the works. We started working on releasing this in early 2021, when 2020 was barely hindsight. But, the great vinyl bottleneck hit us hard and kept this in limbo for a hot minute.

But now it's here! Limited to 250 Copies on "Pressman's Choice", each one a unique swirl or splatter handmixed by the press operators at Palomino Records, and 100 Black Vinyl LPs. Maybe we will repress the black, and maybe we won't. Who knows? Def not repressing the Pressman's Choice, though.

1) Golden Rain
2) Crawling Back To You (Tom Petty)
3) Requiem For Love (Bobbie Gentry and Jody Reynolds)
4) Mother of Earth (The Gun Club)
5) Ghosts Gather Now
6) The Riverbank (Bert Jansch)
7) Clocks and Spoons (John Prine)
8) Kingdom of None
9) October (Jackson C Frank)

From Jason:
Hindsight 2020, a loose collection of five cover tunes and three originals, was recorded at home in the Spring and early summer of the 2020 lockdown, when so many of us were suddenly gifted an inordinate amount of free time. Tours disappeared overnight and deadlines vanished. One could wake and spend the day following whatever whim drifted across the mind. There was no initial intention of these songs coming together for a release like this. I began recording each tune because it seemed a good way to spend the day and this collection a result of months of days similarly spent. It felt right to place them together as a testament of sorts. Though the instrumentation, style, and even the players vary from song to song, they somehow all partake in those strange days.

Pick One Up Here!

Spaceface - Anemoia LP

This is by far the hottest, poppiest, most sophisticated record Spaceface has ever released. Total Disco-Psych-Dance banger. You may have already had a taste of a couple of songs from the picture disc singles series we released over the last year.

We were originally slated to release this on PIAPTK. but as things go, we eventually had to graciously bow out mid-production. BUT we are stoked to have 20 copies to sell.
**Includes the bonus Postcard and postcard shaped flexi record of the unreleased track "Have You Heard the Universe Whisper". We only made 100 of these for Spaceface to sell on tour as a preorder for the album.

From Spaceface:
Spaceface’s new full-length, Anemoia (January 28, 2021 via Mothland), is the result of several months spent at Blackwatch Studios in 2019, working with producer Jarod Evans, writing new material, inspired by funk rock classics, as well as the turn of the millennium psychedelia revival. Though it can first be perceived as a simple feat of efficient and minimalistic songwriting by Jake Ingalls and friends - the results of slick melodies, rich arrangements and groovy rhythms that flow effortlessly - each new spin reveals a new layer, until is painted a positive, if somewhat critical, portrayal of modern life. Made possible by collaborative artistry in the age of endless possibilities, the 12 song collection is both a contemplative psychedelic pop odyssey, and a hopeful broadcast from the heart into Outer Space.

Pick One Up Here!

Golden Boots - Nite Drives Handmade LPs

Occasionally there is an overrun for at the pressing plant and we have more of a certain variant of the record than intended. With Soild Gold, we were always very particular about keeping all releases the same, qty wise, so when we got 40 extra splatters, we threw them in a box on a shelf. But, recently, Dimitri and I were talking about them and decided we would make a totally different, NON- SG version of this using the leftovers. SO, ummm... this is the PIAPTK variant of the excellent Golden Boots Instrumental LP that still has the Soild Gold Logo on it, because, that is how this whole weird shitshow of an operation rolls usually.

In true Golden Boots Crumbly Western Desert Kitsch style, each handmade cover is stenciled and includes a unique Arizona postcard.

The Blurb from The Original Release:

Golden Boots have been stretching out over the last few years. As the lineup has shifted around Ryen and Dimitri, the format has gone from Crumbly Western to Omnichord-Core to Instrumental Sunset tunes and everything in between. And they have been PROOLIFFFIC. Nite Drives was recorded a couple years ago during the beginning of the Instrumental period, and it has been a fan favorite since being released on tape by the band. And, since I've recently been getting more into instrumental albums myself it made perfect sense that the man who founded Soild Gold (Dimitri) would be the 12th Soild Gold release. It consists of three long format chill vibe background dinner party tunes.

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Lathe Cut Camp #16 - Sept 24-26, Tucson, AZ

I've already sold all but one of the spots for this Lathe Cut Camp just with one social media post, so i'll save you the details on it. If you know, you know. If you don't, but wanna, check out

Record Lathes For Sale

Between my biz partner, Kris and I, we currently have several record lathes in the Lathe Cave just waiting for restoration. Prices Start at $2750 for an entry level machine and go up from there based on options. So, if you are interested in the masochistic art of record cutting, read the Newbie Starter Guide I wrote HERE and then reply to this email with your plans and your budget and we can chat about which lathe might be right for you. ALL LATHES we sell are fully functional, mechanically restored and include a starter pack and unlimited tech support to get and keep you running!

Email me here.

Posted on July 28th, 2022
James Jackson Toth! Blunt Bangs, SM Wolf, Nudity, FA Shipping!!!

First off, FLOATING ACTION's Jinx Protecting shipped from the pressing plant two days ago! I am going to be working as fast as humanly possible to get those into the mail. Still have some copies of the Deluxe Red or Green Vinyl with Incense and Incense Burner! So, if you still want one, now's the time! Pick One Up Here!

Otherwise, things have been crazy around here... due to the Great Vinyl Slowdown, Lathe Cuts have started to real take off and bands/labels that have never done lathe cuts are now seeing the benefits of quick turnaround and low qty production... So, that means that I've been busy restoring machines (sold more in the last 18 months than I have in the preceding decade), and making Lathe Cut records, but for better or worst, I've always got time for my baby, PIAPTK...

This Time:
1) James Jackson Toth (Wooden Wand) RETURNS with new lathe cut 10" EP, First Thought = First Thought
2) Blunt Bangs - 7" Pic Disc from mems of Woods, Black Kids, Tracy Shedd, etc.
3) SM Wolf - Precious B-Sides - Outtakes 7" from their excellent new album + some Distro Copies of that LP, Precious Downtime
4) Nudity 7" - One of the best, and longest running bands from my ex-hometown, Olympia, WA!

James Jackson Toth - First Thought = First Thought

The Prodigal Toth returns to PIAPTK after half a decade of lying way too low. It's not hyperbole to say that JJT is probably the only reason PIAPTK made it out of our infancy by getting us our first bit of press and interest, way back in 2006. PIAPTK started as a fleeting joke and would have probably ended that way had I not crossed paths with James... and I'm not sure if I should "Bless or Blame", as Kristofferson would say, for it. He has been uncharacteristically quiet in the last few years, only quietly releasing solo demos while focusing on his band, One Eleven Heavy and releasing his EXCELLENT Podcast, The Toth Zone (definitely check it out).

Limited to about 75 copies or whatever we sell in the first week or so.

On Clear Lathe Cut 10"s in Silkscreened Chipboard Sleeves with a Unique, hastily taken and probably blurry, JJT Selfie on the front. Each one is Unique!

From Toth:
Hastily recorded home recordings, Dec 2021-Jan 2022
Mostly first takes
1. You Owe It To Yourself
This was written to be the penultimate track on an aborted concept album / rock opera about a corrupted “mama’s boy” (see track 3). This song finds our lamb-like protagonist, having now been seduced by the lure of necromancy, in congress with demons.
2. Bad Habit
Everything I write in open G tuning (DGDGBD) sounds like I’m trying to rip off Keef or Westerberg. Which…well, you know.
3. Mama’s Boy
Written for the aforementioned (aborted) concept album / rock opera. This would have been an early track on the record introducing the main character.
4. What Am I Gonna Do (With You)?
Written and recorded in record time. Sorry about the canned drums.
All songs by JJT, Dec 2021-Jan 2022
Recorded at home

Pick One Up Here!

Blunt Bangs - Everything Flows 7" Pic Disc
Very excited to release this lathe cut pic disc for my buddies from Athens, GA, Blunt Bangs! An outtake from their excellent new album, Proper Smoker (which we also have for sale) that was released on Ernest Jenning Record Company, this track is a Teenage Fanclub cover.

If we sell out here, please check out or

Blunt Bangs will touring soon to SXSW and then up the West Coast to Treefort festival in Boise and back, so keep an eye out at your local venues! See Photos for Tour Dates!
Proper Smoker, the debut LP from indie-supergroup Blunt Bangs, is proof that power pop remains perennial. Boasting a lineup that includes Reggie Youngblood (Black Kids) on guitar and vocals, Christian “Smokey” DeRoeck (Woods, Deep State, Meneguar, Little Gold) on guitar and vocals, and Cash Carter (Tracy Shedd, The Cadets) on drums, Blunt Bangs’ debut melds the canon of 90s indie rock with a spark of optimism for these uncertain times.
Pick One Up Here!

SM Wolf - Precious B-Sides 7"

SM Wolf released their excellent new LP, Precious Downtime, with our buddies, Indianapolis' own, Romanus Records. But, two orphans from the album are being co-released by Romanus and PIAPTK. With foldover artwork designed to mirror the artwork of the album.

We also have 20 copies of the excellent Precious Downtime LP for those of you who loved their last album on PIAPTK, Bad Ocean.

If we are sold out of either Precious Downtime or Precious B-Sides, check as they may have some there.

Pick up:
1) Precious B-sides 7" only
2) Prec Downtime LP + B-sides 7" or
3) 3 pk - Prec Downtime LP + Bad Ocean LP + B-sides 7"

Pick One Up Here!

Nudity - The Silverest Blade 7"
Nudity was always one of my favorite bands during my decade in Olympia, and is one of the longer running bands to still call Oly home. Dave Harvey is at the root of the band, but you can bet that whoever else is filling out the lineup at any given time is well known within the Pac NW rock scene.

I'm very excited to finally be working with them on this new single that will also be available on their upcoming West Coast tour. If you live in any of these towns, do yourself a favor and catch one of these dates.

You know that theory that the universe is perpetually expanding and then contracting in a never-ending series of big bangs? That’s the sound of Nudity. From their home base in Olympia, WA, they explode with tuff, knife-edged rock’n’roll like The Silverest Blade with its twin-guitar harmonies and just a hint of the kosmische via swirling synths, before exploding into long-form, sonically expansive tripped out molten psychedelia, the like of which can be heard on their upcoming LP The Silverest Blade, released later in 2022 as a split between High Command Recording Company and K Records. The band’s membership ties together years of legendary underground Olympia musical history, bringing in badass players from The Need, Hysterics, Broken Water, the Tight Bro’s From Way Back When and more to create a singular noise, ever expanding and contracting in their own universal big bang.
Nudity will be spinning off new universes nightly on their West Coast tour in April 2022. Check for more albums and tour updates.

4/8 Seattle
4/9 Portland
4/11 San Luis Obispo, CA
4/12 Southern California
4/13 LA, Permanent Records Roadhouse
4/14 SF, The Eagle
4/15 Oakland, Eli’s Mile High
4/16 Northern California
4/22 Olympia, Cryptatropa

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Posted on March 3rd, 2022
Floating Action Update & Tribute LP, New Golden Boots, Mr. Husband, etc!

Hello! Is it just me or does the world keep getting worse and weirder? Anyway, whatever. How are YOU?

Things are busy af here in Tucson thanks to the "Great Vinyl Slowdown of 2021", which is good for Lathe Cuts, but horrible for pressed records (I owe you an update on the Jinx Protecting LP, and you will get it below).

Got a couple great things for you this time. You may notice that PIAPTK will be slowing down for the near future, for many reasons. Feel free to slide into them emails and say hi every once in a while if you wanna.

This Time:
1) Floating Action - Jinx Protecting LP Update
2) Floating Action Triobute LP feat Jim James, Scott McMicken, Fruit Bats, Angel Olsen, etc.
3) Golden Boots - Seulement In It Final Collab Pic Disc + Boxes
4) Mr. Husband - Portrait of the Artist of A Middle Aged Dude 10"
5) Platter Mats!

Floating Action - Jinx Protecting LP Update

Well, we've been holding out hope that these would arrive before Xmas, but alas, it is not to be. Partially because of the insane inundation of normies to record collecting, but also due to supply chain issues for parts for the record presses. The pressing plant I use (and love), has been just crushed by weird parts failures and unobtainable parts like industrial fuses for their cooling tower and book molds for the press. They've completely stopped taking any new orders (like many plants in the US these days) until they get caught up.

So, anyway, the point is that this LP has been delayed indefinitely. It's still in line, and they are still working on it, but they won't even give me a possible date because everything is so beyond fucked. It will be worth the wait! If you haven't bought one yet and you want to join the noble hoardes watching water boil, Pick One Up Here!

Floating Action - A Friend Who Knows Tribute LP

This is exciting. We've always said that Seth Kaufman is the secret weapon of so many huge bands, whether it is producing, session stuff, or string arrangements. Now some of those artists are paying it back by covering a Floating Action song, and all proceeds go to The Concrete Jungle Foundation that builds skateparks in Angola, Jamaica, and Peru. It is a co-release with our buddies over at OK Recordings. There are a few different levels, so check them out at the Indiegogo here. The lineup is pretty sick. But, we just placed the LP order (with a different pressing plant), so I wouldn't expect it for months and months.

Side One:

  1. Bryan Cates - Unrevenged
  2. Michael Libramento - Digging
  3. Satiety - Long Night, Bright Lamp
  4. Scott McMicken - Cinder Cone, Pt. 3
  5. Jim James - The Balance
  6. Angel Olsen - Not What I Came For

Side Two:

  1. Invisible Creature - All It Takes Is One
  2. Fruit Bats - Harshness of the Blow
  3. Jacob Rodriguez - Say Goodbye
  4. Daniel Martin Moore - Evening Blessing
  5. Tyler Ramsey - To Connect
  6. Michael Nau - Lotus on the Hill

Pre-order-only digital bonus tracks:

  1. Tyler Ramsey - To Connect v2
  2. Daniel Martin Moore - Four Leaf Clover

8" Lathe cut tracks:

  1. Tyler Ramsey - To Connect v2
  2. Daniel Martin Moore - Four Leaf Clover
  3. Eric Slick - Seized

The Friend Who Knows -- Floating Action Tribute | Indiegogo

Golden Boots - Final Collab Covers 8" Pic Disc & Box

These should ship out sometime before Dec 31.

The final "Collaborative Covers Series" 8" picture disc with French band, Man Foo Tits... This is a remix track from the Upcoming man Foo Tits Album.

Limited to 75 copies.

ADD-ON BOX - If you bought the first three pic discs, Eye In The Sky, She Just Wanted to Watch The Sky, and The Pied Piper and want to complete the "Box Set", Golden Boots made a limited number of custom stenciled boxes to keep your set inside. Please don't buy one of the boxes unless you have ALL THREE of the discs. We have a limited number of the previous discs if you missed one. They are finishing up the boxes next week, so I don't have an image, but they will be typical Boots baddassery.

Pick One Up Here!

Mr. Husband - The Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Dude 10"

These should ship out sometime before Dec 31.

The second album from Mr. Husband in 2021. The last one we released (Kinny Bouquet) sold out in an hour, and this one is the same format. Limited to 50 copies, each of which is hand made by Kenny himself.

This album feels like the Yin (lyrics and vocal melody forward vibe), to the Yang, (instrumental musical aesthetics forward vibe) of Kinny Bouquet. It's a real fun tongue in cheek pisstake in pop song form on what many of us aging hipsters are going through these days.

From Kenny's Bandcamp (

Dearest Listener and Good Friend, what we have here is not another moody groover a la Kinny Bouquet. For my second collection of 2021 I offer you not tone and vibe but rather a lyrical examination and indictment of my own ego. It made me both laugh and cry, gave me both fear and comfort, as I wrote these songs. I hope you can tap this collection when you need that duality in order to feel sincere as I often do.

Pick One Up Here!

Platter Mats!

We had a few different platter mats made. Only a handful of each were made. But, if one turns out to be popular, we will reorder and they will be shipped out within a couple weeks.

PIAPTK Blowfish
Presto Recording Co
Sloppy Joe and the Cruise - Keep on Cruisin'
Floating Action - Jinx Protecting
Mobile Vinyl Recorders

Pick One Up Here!

Posted on December 12th, 2021
New Floating Action LP! Lucky Baby Daddy, Golden Boots, Spaceface, Mr Husband, Dimitriam, and moving sale bundles!!

Hello! Hope you are all well! It's been even more than typically insane around these parts. Thanks to the ridiculously overpriced residential housing market and the low mortgage rates that spawned it and the not-ridiculously over priced commercial market due to the pandemic, I managed to refinance the weird house I bought 5 years ago and pull out enough extra money to put a down payment on a commercial building so that I could stop buying my studio landlords building for him. Our new space is a real fixer-upper that was previously a piss-smelling doggie daycare. We spent a month and a half ripping out the floors, replacing pee-soaked drywall, painting, etc and finally got it to a place where we can move in. We are currently moving 3600 sq foot of back stock records, record lathes, parts, art supplies, archives, office equipment, random junk, Tchotchkes, knick knacks, etc etc into a 2200 sq ft building. Hundreds of freelance people-hours and 5 days of 20' UHAUL rentals and we still have a LONG ways to go. Which leads us to: We are opening the floodgates this month. Tons of great new releases and cheap af bundles to entice you to lighten our load!

This Time:
1) Floating Action - Jinx Protecting LP Preorder
2) Lucky Baby Daddy - New Tucson Supergroup with mems of Deerhoof, Truck Tears, Haboob, etc
3) Golden Boots - Pied Piper Pic Disc
4) Spaceface - Earth In Awe Pic Disc
5) DIMITRIAM - Bug Springs Microcassette
6) Mr Husband - Kinny Bouquet 10"
7) Moving Bundles!

Floating Action - Jinx Protecting LP

Preorder: Hopefully shipping in November... (more pressing plant delays possible.. it was ordered in February). If you order other items and want them shipped sooner, please place seperate orders.

The Fifth and (Final?) Final Floating Action album. Seth Kauffman has released as many "Last Albums" as KISS has had "Farewell Tours". But, could this really be the one? I hope not. But who knows?

As usual, many different and beautiful versions of this one:
-Standard Version - Black Vinyl
-Deluxe Version - Available on either "Cash Money Green" or "Power Hand Red" (Both limited to 150 copies) and includes a custom made beautiful wood two piece Floating Action incense burner and one of six different Floating Action Incense packages.
- Almost Halloween Time Handpainted - Luigi really outdid himself on this one. Inspired by the Italian La Smorfia (a card that has 90 images that represent dreams and that people use to choose lottery numbers), he painted (is painting) 90 unique covers that correspond to both the album lyrics and the Smorfia images.
-Handmade Test Pressings - As usual, Seth handmade 20 covers for the test pressings.
- Add-On The Floating Action Catch up Pack for $35 ($45 value) and get the Dream Sitch (FA + Michael Nau), the last FA album, Outsider Art LP, and the "Lies" CD/Vinyl Hybrid Single.

This is a co-release with our buddies at Science Project Records, who have 100 copies on random color regrind vinyl available at:


Seth Kauffman wasn't going to make another Floating Action album. He'd been on a rampage, releasing a new album every year since 2015. Then after Covid-19 hit, was fresh off making the ultra-inspired Dream Sitch collaboration with Michael Nau. Covid had caused Kauffman's music career (touring with Jim James, Ray Lamontagne, Dylan LeBlanc, and studio work with Dan Auerbach, Lana Del Rey, Basia Bulat, and countless others) - to immediately grind to a halt. Gone. Done. No choice but to take up work as a handyman, scrambling to provide for his family.
But then, in October of 2020, while camping with his 5 year old daughter, tons of song ideas suddenly came to Kauffman. He voice memo'd them, and within a week or two, enough ideas had materialized to make a whole new Floating Action album.
But a ridiculous 7 day a week work schedule left him no time to ever turn those ideas into proper songs...never a spare moment to work in his recording studio. Until in February 2021, he was finally able to carve out two weeks to work on what was to become 'Jinx Protecting'. This album marks the first time Kauffman co-wrote songs with anyone other than himself. Some lyrics were crafted by Michael Nau, and Kauffman's daughter Gretchen. Michael Nau and his wife and children sang on 'Steadfast Love', and Kings of Leon's Timothy Deaux co-wrote 'Wrong Place'.
Classic Floating Action philosophical lyrics on this album, but 'Jinx Protecting' shows a shift from pessimistic human nature-questioning, to only focusing on pure simple beauty. Nothing but positivity and love on this one.
Sonically thick and dripping with soul and fearless confidence, guided purely by the muse, 'Jinx Protecting' has the feel of a meditative Exile On Main Street recorded in a secret bunker in Jamaica. This seems like it will be the last Floating Action album ever, but who knows when the muse might strike again.

Pick One Up Here!

Lucky Baby Daddy - Lotta Noise Star Shaped 7"s

Two new Riot/Garage bangers from Tucson's new Super Group featuring Sarah Harris, Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Joel Crocco from Truck Tears and Jeff Lownsbury/Adan Martinez-Kee from 70% of the other bands in Tucson. Recorded, mixed, lathe cuts cut and covers all put together in the 48 hours before they left on tour.

Ltd ed of 86 on white / Black / Clear (randomly inserted) Star Shaped 8"s, each with unique paint pen transperency inserts made by the band. I've only got 35 for sale, the rest are with the band on tour in CA right now.

Pick One Up Here!

Golden Boots - Pied Piper Pic Disc 8"

PREORDER: Will Ship around September 20th.

The Third and penultimate release in the Golden Boots Collaborative Singles Series: A cover of Crispian St. Peters 1966 classic "The Pied Piper" with Birdie Busch, Todd Erk and Seth Kauffman. On Made to Preorder Pic Disc. The song drops on Sept 10th, and they go off preorder on Sept 18th.

Preview the track at:

From Golden Boots:
For this collaborative cover we worked with Philadelphia based musicians Birdie Busch and Todd Erk, and Ashville, NC musician Seth Kauffman (aka Floating Action). I’ve included some bios about the collaborators below. Also I’ve attachedhe single artwork (by Birdie), a new press photo I made, and a .mp3 of the mastered track so you can see all the components. Please let me know however you feel is the best way to proceed.

Birdie Busch - Singing
Dimitri Manos - keyboards
Todd Erk - upright bass, synth
Seth Kauffman -- Drums and Percussion
Ryen Egleston - Singing, synth bass and guitar
recorded by Todd Erk at Sparkle Bones Studio
Mastered by Frank Bair

- Philadelphia musicians Birdie Busch and Todd Erk (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Hoots and Hellmouth) seek to make great music, inspire people, and see what happens. Critics from American Songwriter to Village Voice have found Birdie of kindred spirit from everyone from Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett to American Gothic writer Eudora Welty, and seem to just keep referring to what she does as her own thing and appreciating that strange place where it resides. It’s this comfort to contain multitudes that keeps her energized and curious, putting out music on adventurous independents like Bar/None, Styles Upon Styles, and most recently Perpetual Doom with the help and collaboration of Todd Erk and other co-conspirators. They are currently recording work from their Sparkle Bones Studio in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia.
- Floating Action is a band from Black Mountain, North Carolina, founded by Seth Kauffman. Kauffman is the band's sole lyricist, songwriter, recorder and producer, in addition to playing almost all the music. Kauffman has been called "the underappreciated genius of the Asheville music scene” and Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Kauffman's frequent collaborator, called him "the most underrated person in music”.

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Spaceface - Earth In Awe 7" Pic Disc

The third single from the upcoming Spaceface LP Anemoia! On ltd ed transperency pic discs. Check out an interview and video premiere here:

Pick up a 3 pack with Earth in Awe, Pina Collider, and Happens All The Time if you missed them before!

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DimitriAM - Bug Springs Microcassette

Dimitri Manos (Golden Boots & American Monoxide) is back with an excellent new solo record. And "Bug Spring" will kick off a whole series of Microcassettes on PIAPTK. I bought a Microcassette dubber a few years ago (because why wouldn't I) and have always planned to do a series, but finally got it off the ground.

These sound much better than you might expect, but I highly recommend listening in headphones as opposed to the built in speaker on a little handheld for maximum enjoyment.

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Mr Husband - Kinny Bouquet 10" Lathe Cut

Michael Nau passed along this great album by his friend/collaborator Kenny Thompkins. If you like Nau's atmospheric chill pop, you will like this too. On ltd of 50 copies of clear 10"s in unique covers handmade by Kenny.

Blurb from Kenny:
New assorted tunes from yr old pal, Kinny. MY old pal, the cuddly cosmic cowboy Michael Nau, helped me out on several of these and I really love him for it. In December 2019, right before the the great toilet paper panic, we had a nice weekend at home recording and hanging and singing George Jones songs on his tiny parlor piano. Somewhere in there a seed was planted which grew into this lovely Kinny Bouquet over the next year or so which I am pleased to offer you now, dearest listener. Bless your heart for listening. Get out there and be somebody!
released June 18, 2021

Kenny Husband - Songs, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Production
Michael Nau - Production, Keys, Vibraphone, Drums, Lap Steel

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Moving Bundles!

We are about to move and have way too many records in backstock. So, stock up on some new tunes at bargain prices and help us lighten the load in the meantime. Xmas is right around the corner, and it's never too early to start shopping for the ones you love.

$30 – ($105 value) 15x Random CD/Vinyl Hybrid Records – Get a random assortment of 15 different artists on CD/VinyL Hybrid records! Artists in the series include: Pearl Charles, RudyWaltz, Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse), Floating Action, Michael Nau, Jeffrey Lewis, Jad Fair, Sonny and the Sunsets, Mike Watt, Scott Mcmicken (Dr. Dog), Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Circulatory System, Little Wings, Wooden Wand, Simon Joyner, Money Mark (Beastie Boys), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), R Stevie Moore, Benoit Pioulard, Julian Gasc (Aquaserge/Stereolab), Spaceface (mem of the Flaming Lips), The Blank Tapes, This Frontier Needs Heroes, Juston Stens, Great Lakes, Cory Gray, Briana Marela, Assateague, LABRYYYNTH, American Monoxide, and Graves.

$25 ($70 value)– 10x Random Cassette Tape Bundles! Hey, buddy... did you know that cassettes are coming back? Anyway, we were bringing cassettes back before they were coming back, but we obviously didn't bring them back enough before because we still have a bunch... so buy em for less than we paid to make em... You will get ten randomly chosen PIAPTK cassette tapes... artists could potentially include: Floating Action, Surfer Blood, Reptar, Money Mark, Golden Boots, Devin James Fry, Jeffrey Lewis, Little Wings, Orchestra Mendoza, Labryyynth, Grandaddy, Wight Lhite, Forest Fallows, Eric Slick, etc

7 X 7” $22 ($60 value) - We have released (and Distro'd) so many amazing pressed vinyl 7”s and they've just been sitting here in boxes. You get: Jescos 7” (Wooden Wand + Mendoza Line), Southerly/Protest Hill, R Stevie Moore/Billy Anderson, Carcrashlander, The Crash That Took Me, and (Distro) Whitman, Advance Base/Concern - Traditionals, Foot Ox/Splinter Cake 7"

Greg Olin Bundle $40 ($80 value) – Greg is one of my favorite songwriters, and probably the worst self-promoter I've ever worked with.. so here are a bunch of Gregs releases that I am in love with: Graves: Easy Not Easy LP, Fronjentress – Lathe Cut 10” EP, Graves and Friends: Billy Joel songs in a Leonard Cohen style Lathe Cut 10”, Graves + Norfolk & Western – Fleetwoods tribute 10” (pressed), Graves CD/Record Single.

Olympia Bundle – $45 ($98 value) PIAPTK had its roots in Olympia... Olympia definitely honed PIAPTKs DIY aesthetic in a billion ways... and here is a bundle of records from amazing artists I met during my decade in Oly... Globelamp – Shalala Lathe Cut 7”, Lazer Zeppelin – American Derivative LP, Briana Marela – CD/Record Hybrid, Skrill Meadow – Lost on Vacation, Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse) CD-Record, Ruby Fray - Honor Pic Disc, Mirah - No Guns No Guns 7", Little Wings / Be Gulls - Dead Giveaway Cassette

Athens, GA Bundle – $50 ($110 value) It's no secret that the DIY weirdo lo-fi psych folk vibes of Athens, GA is also a huge influence on PIAPTK. These releases have some connection to Athens... Circulatory System CD-Record single, Jim White – Waffles, Triangles and Jesus 2xLP, SM Wolf – Bad Oceans LP, Casper and The Cookies – Modern Silence 2xLP on Audiophile Red Vinyl, Keith John Adams – Roughhousing LP.

Blank Tapes Bundle – $45 ($85 value) Winter's coming on, and you REALLY need some of Matt Adams sunshine pop to hold you through whatever other catastrophes will be coming in this weird winter season... Get the Candy LP, the Look Into The Light LP, and the Beyond the Sea CD/Vinyl Hybrid single and Covid 19 quarantine 8" Lathe Cut. Also Includes former Blank Tapes guitarist Veronica Bianqui's ST LP.

Golden Boots Bundle – $65 - ($125 value) One of PIAPTKs favorite and earliest and most prolific artists. And now you can catch up on the catalog of this “crumbly western psychedelic country folk weirdo” whatever band in one fell swoop. You get: DBX n SPF LP, EV/Coyote Deathbed Surprise LP, Winter of Our Discotheque LP, Telelog Freedom cassette, Labryyynth CD/Vinyl Hybrid single, American Monoxide – Web Content LP, American Monoxide – CD/Vinyl Hybrid Single, Night Drives Instrumental LP.

Tucson Bundle – $55 ($100 value) As of Aug 2nd, 2021, PIAPTK has been based out of Tucson for EIGHT YEARS now. And Tucson is a weird and beautiful art town. For full effect, you should buy THIS, AND the Golden Boots Bundle, because obviously Golden Boots are (for me) the crowning Artcheivement of this weirdo art locale. But, in addition to Golden Boots, there is plenty of other great stuff... Casey Golden – II LP, Haboob – ST LP, Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) – CD/Vinyl Hybrid Single, American Monoxide/Wight Lhite cassette, Forest Fallows LP,

Jad Fair Bundle - $40 ($80 value) - Jad/David Fair LP, Jad Fair and David Liebe Hart LP, Jad Fair and Friends at SXSW 10" Lathe Cut, Jad Fair CD/Vinyl Hybrid, This Time hand drawn cover 7" Lathe Cut.

Wooden Wand Bundle - $60 - ($145 Value) 7x LPs worth of Wand PLUS the Jescos 7"!

THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE BUNDLE – ALL OF THE ABOVE BUNDLES for only $449! That's like an $1000 value or more (I can't really do the math because I'm drunk. But it's a shitload of records). Help me out... I can really use the cash.
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Posted on September 7th, 2021