Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Willis Earl Beal, Tara Jane O'Neill, Sugar Candy Mountain Repress, etc.

Well, this will be the last big update for a while. But, I am staying busy. After a month in Europe on tour with Michael Nau, I spoke on a panel at the Making Vinyl panel in Detroit, and I'll be headed to Scandanavia in a week to train some Swedes on how to use their machines.

Lathe Cut Camp 6 was great! So, I'm looking to book Lathe Cut Camp 7 in January or February. If you are interested, email me at

Housekeeping Notes: There are still a handful of copies of Floating Action - Is It Exquisite and the Devendra Banhart Remixes 8" available.

1. Michael Nau Euro Tour discs available individually
2. Tara Jane Oneil - Women of the World/Believe handmade 7"s
3. Willis Earl Beal (aka Nobody) - 7"s
4. Sugar Candy Mountain - 666 Repress
5. Ash Reiter - HOLA LP on Red Vinyl
6. Comfort and Joy - Indie Rock Xmas LP

1.Michael Nau/PIAPTK European Tour Singles BACK FOR SALE... again!

**So, TWICE, We had to take these down for sale right after we sent emails because of some miscommunication with Michael's two Labels. We thought we had it ironed out, and then we didn't and then we did, and then maybe we did or maybe we didn't. Anyway, we took them on tour, and have a few of each individual disc left, so we are making them available again (until somebody tells us we can't sell them again, so get them soon if you want them!).

Purchase includes instant download of all four songs.

They are being made in the next week or two, and will be one-sided silkscreened psychedelic swirl pic discs (the photos are just the screenprinting files)

While you are at it, pick up the Michael Nau CD-Record featuring the demo version of I Root, the first single from Some Twist!


2. Tara Jane O'Neil - Women of the World/Believe

Was extremely excited to be approached by Tara Jane O'Neil to make her some records for her Japanese tour (happening now). We made 75 of them, hand painted and stamped by TJO herself, and we both got half to sell. Includes covers of "Believe" by Cher, and "Women of the World" by Ivor Cutler.


3. Willis Earl Beal (AKA Nobody)

Willis Earl Beal (who also goes by the name Nobody) is a mysterious and strange guy. He's been on my radar for a long time, because he lived in Olympia shortly after I left, and I would hear about him from a lot of my friends around town. He's prolific and has released records on XL Recordings, Tender Loving Empire, Found Magazine, etc. Check out his wikipedia pageto get some background on him.

About a year ago, I found out that Willis had moved to Tucson, and I spent the next 8 months trying to get ahold of him. It finally happened, and this single is the outcome.


4. Sugar Candy Mountain - 666 Repress AND Ash Reiter Solo LP, HOLA!

666 has been BLOWING UP. It is officially the highest selling PIAPTK release ever. So it had to be repressed in both the US and in Europe. Now, in addition to being available on beautiful and stark black vinyl, it is also available on Coke Bottle Clear, and a few copies on solid pink vinyl.

We also have some distro copies of SCM Front Woman, Ash Reiter's solo LP, "HOLA"!


5. Comfort And Joy Xmas Comp!

We found 6 copies of this amazing Xmas Comp in a box from a couple of years ago, and now is the time to spread the Xmas joy!
Released by my good buddies, Liz and Carlos Perpetua-Valdez, all profits from this killer Christmas Compilation go to benefit a charity for Homeless Teens in Seattle.

Only 500 copies, all on Gold and Silver Specked Vinyl!

Side One:
1. Quasi – “Christmas on Credit”
2. Rob Crow (Pinback) - ”Wasail Among Us”
3. Joe Jack Talcum (Dead Milkmen) - ”Christmas Waltz”
4. Human Hearts (Franklin Bruno) – “June is as Cold as December”
5. David Ivar aka Black Yaya (Herman Dune) - ”I Fought the Lord”
6. Golden Boots – “Mele Kalikimaka”
7. Wckr Spgt – “The Ballad of Snowy Brown”
8. Refrigerator – “Christmas in the Sun”

Side Two:
1. The Music Tapes – “Let it Snow”
2. Ida – “Heard it from Heaven Today”
3. Nima Kazerouni ft Maston – “Dear Santa, This World is Strange”
4. Wooden Wand – “Silver Bells”
5. Outravez (Monotonix) - ”Banu Hoshech Legaresh”
6. Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) – “Piano Fell Asleep In The Bushes”
7. Mike Watt - ”The First Noel”
8. Terry Riley - ”God Rest Ye”


Posted on November 15th, 2017