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Free Digital Sampler Updated!

We've updated the sampler to reflect some new and upcoming releases, and you no longer need to do the Tweet Trading thing (though we'd be exremely appreciative if you told your friends if you liked it!). You can "Name Your Own Price ($0.00 is a price) at


Posted on October 2nd, 2011
Benoit Pioulard - Through the Fractured Lens/An Absolute Lathe cut PP!

The third in a series of Benoit Pioulard picnic plate lathe cuts. Each one, so far, has been slightly different than the next, and than the other picnic plates that PIAPTK normally releases. This one, has a stark, no-frills letterpress layout (by request of the artist), and includes a unique photographic print by Thomas Meluch, which is signed and stamped. It is also cut at 45 rpm. Limtied to 66 copies, of which PIAPTK only has 30, and the rest will only be available at BP live shows. Includes free downloads.

Posted on October 2nd, 2011

After a through garage and archives cleansing, I pulled the last few bits of out of print releases and test pressings. Releases from Wooden Wand, Golden Boots, Casper and the Cookies, Jad Fair, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Carcrashlander, Lee "Gull" Baggett, Impossible Shapes, etc.

Posted on September 18th, 2011
Golden Ghost Lathe Cut 7"

Golden Ghost - Visnhnu In The Sow/Siva Playing Siva Square Lathe 7"
Amazing two track single from upstate NY folk weirdo, Golden Ghost. One sided, clear, square 7"s with a silkscreened B-side for a faux picture disc effect.  Come in silkscreened Arigato Paks. Ltd Ed of 55

Posted on August 29th, 2011
R. Stevie Moore/Billy Anderson Splits Available!

A split 7" from R. Stevie Moore and Billy Anderson is now available in the store!  Limited edition of 400, all come on colored vinyl, in hand-screened and painted Arigato Paks and include instant downloads.

Upcoming Releases for 2011: Wooden Wand Archives 6xLP boxset, Golden Ghost lathe cut 8", Solid Homelife (Greg Olin of Graves + Lindsay Schief of LAKE), Little Wings "Made It Rain" LP, Be Gulls - 2nd LP, etc.

Posted on August 24th, 2011