Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Thirty Six Seconds from Polygondwanaland That Go On Forever

1. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - 36 Seconds from Polygondwanaland That Go On Forever Eulerian Circle 7"!

King Gizzard is giving away their new LP, completely free and in a no-strings-attached-Creative Commons fashion. Allowing any dumbass like me with dreams of running a record label to release it on any format they want.

Rather than doing what everyone else is doing and putting up a preorder for a record they haven't even heard yet and selling it to people 6 months before they have any chance of getting the records in, I decided to do something a little different and more immediate....

Introducing "Thirty Six Seconds From Gondwanaland That Go On Forever" - a 7" Eulerian Circle disc with 20x 1.8 second locked grooves (10 per side). EVERY RECORD IS COMPLETELY UNIQUE. These will be made one at a time out of 100 different samples from the LP that I will have on random play while I am cutting them. Each locked groove will be one of a kind and unpredictable. These locks could be an annoying and off-tempo hiccup, an amazing drone, or a perfectly repeating mathy drum loop. But each disc will be totally singular and unlike the rest. Only 100 copies made.

Comes in a heavy duty Picture disc sleeve with transparency insert. They should ship in a week or so!

It's REALLY hard to get a good photo or scan of this thing!


Posted on November 15th, 2017