Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Floating Action - Heartache Essentials & Hickeyfest Discs - Graves, Sugar Candy, Blank Tapes, Veronica Bianqui

Hey! I just got back from Nepal, made it to Everest Basecamp, had a great time, didn't die, and I now have the calves of a 23 year old minor league soccer player.

By the time this email Robo-Sends to you, I will be en route to Leggett, CA for Sugar Candy Mountain's yearly camping festival, to see SCM, Graves, Blank Tapes, Veronica Bianqui, Assateague, and a ton of of other great bands. I will also be taking a lathe out there to cut some exclusive singles for some of the bands, and will be selling them, made to order, only available for the next three days.

1) Floating Action - Heartache Essentials LP!
2) Hickeyfest Singles (ONLY available for 72 hours!!!)
3) Folktale Records Gone Out of Business Blowout
4) Lathe Cut Camp anyone?


Seth Kaufman, the one-man band of studio/live show secret weapon and hero of everybody from Indie superstars My Morning Jacket, Angel Olsen and Dr Dog to Major Label Arena Rockers like The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey and Ray Lamontagne is back at ya with a surprise new album.

Heartache Essentials picks up where Is It Exquisite left off, in that it's a fucking amazing album. Its got a silky smooth classic soul influence and is chock full of songs about Heartache. Essential.

A Co-release with our buddies at Almost Halloween Time (we are selling their American copies), and IPreferPi (who will be doing a variant that will most definitely be interesting...)

This is the Fourth LP we've released from Floating Action, and they've all sold out in less than a week, and like the rest, it's a one-time pressing.

--Signed Test Pressing - Black Vinyl Test Pressing (only 10 made), All SIGNED by Seth!
--Transition/Pressman's Choice Vinyl w/ Bonus Lathe Cut- Ltd Ed of 100, Includes a Bonus "Tears of the Hairy Man" Shaped 7" with the unreleased track "Bauxite is the Underdog" When the plant switches colors, it takes a while for each color to completely run through the extruder, so I ask Cash at Kindercore Record Pressing to play around and throw in some other colors to get some unique and unusual colors.
--Ice Blue Vinyl - Ltd Ed of 100
--Almost Halloween Time LP - Unique Handpainted covers (black vinyl). If you don't know about AHT, look them up ( Luigi does unique oil painted covers with hand lettered track listings for each record. They are always unbelieveable. THESE WILL TAKE A WHILE TO SHIP. It takes some time for Luigi to get them finished because they are so labor intensive.
--Standard Black




This weekend, I will be in Legget, CA at Hickey Fest, the "Coachella on Quaaludes" music fest run by Sugar Candy Mountain, and featuring a ton of bands that we've worked with over the years and/or friends of ours.
Hickeyfest is a tiny camping festival in Leggett, CA that happens this weekend and is thrown/curated by Sugar Candy Mountain. Many of the artists are bands we've worked with.

I'll be taking a lathe out there and doing on-site cutting of exclusive tracks from some of the bands that will only be available at the festival, or through this site for three days only!

On silkscreened and psychedelic swirled picture discs.

Available Discs:
Sugar Candy Mountain - The Night is So Long
Graves - Waterfall
Assateague - Oceanside
The Blank Tapes - Big Ol Wave
TV Mike and the Scarecrowes - Patience
King Dream - Echo Chamber
Veronica Bianqui - Shame on You
Bill Baird - Eat The Lawn
Night Heron - What Do You See




GET 15 Items for $19.99!

Folktale Records was a kindred spirit of our based in Los Angeles. We co-released the Anni Rossi/Whitman split with them almost a decade ago.

Christopher Payne, who ran Folktale and recorded under the name Whitman, decided to shut Folktale down, get rid of everything and move to Austin. A few months ago, he loaded up my car to the ceiling with Folktale stock, because otherwise it was going to the dump. And these are quality records that deserve loving homes. Most are in hand-silkscreened sleeves.

We are throwing in Folktale releases with most purchases, but, if you want something specific, or just want to bulk up your collection in a hurry by buying the Folktale Starter Pack, we are selling them SUPER CHEAP.

Folktale Starter Pack: 5x LPs, 1x 10", 2x7"s, 1x5", 4xCDs, 2xCassettes - 15 items for $19.99!
Whitman – White Sunrise LP
Whitman – I'll be Waiting LP
Whitman – Dog Rose Gall LP
Whitman – Recovering Darkness LP
No Paws (No Lions) LP
Anni Rossi / Whitman 10”
Whitman/No Babies 5”
Whitman – I'll Be Waiting CD
Whitman – My Heart is an Anchor CD
Whitman – Dust Unsettled CD
Whitman – Dog Rose Gall CD
Foot Ox 7”
Ezra Buchla / Whitman 7”
VA – Smashed Summer Jams 2xCassette of covers by a ton of artists including Simon Joyner, R Stevie Moore, Carla Bozulich, Charlie McAlister, Amps for Christ, etc etc.



Is anybody interested in learning how to cut records? I've had a couple emails and am trying to schedule something for the fall. Sept or October are the perfect time to be in Tucson. If you are interested, reply to this email. I've also got some record lathes for sale.

Posted on June 14th, 2018