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Scott McMicken, Skrill Meadow, and Edmond Benefit Update....

Well, even more than usual, I've got a ton of stuff going on. Starting Tuesday, I'll be in New Zealand for a month, then flying directly back into LA to cut records at the Grammys. Then I'll drive back to Tucson for three days for my daughter's 6th bday party, after which, I will drive BACK to LA to cut records at Shaun White's Air&Style Festival. After that, I come home, drop off the van, pick up my daughter and take her BACK to LA for her bday present... a trip to Disneyland. Then, I'll drive back home, drop her off, pick up the van and drive to SXSW. Then, after that has got a ton of other gigs on the books. So many, that despite the fact that I've got a billion amazing releases in the queue, it may be a while before I can actually get around to them. New releases from Will Johnson (Centro-Matic), Mirah, Golden Boots, Lori Goldston (Earth, Nirvana), Dread Cat & The Transitional Wave, American Monoxide, Golden Boots, etc. They will be slowly working in the background while I am in and out of town, and we will get to them eventually.

I'm also going to try to fit another LATHE CUT CAMP in there somewhere... so if you are interested, please reply to this email and let me know!

Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me again for a couple months... but then again, if you have been on this list for a while, you probably won't be surprised if you hear from me in the next week or two.

Anywho, enough flirtin'...

This Installment...
1) Edmond Lapine Ghostship Fire Victim Benefit Auction - We made almost $700 (after the crazy ebay and paypal fees) from the test pressing auction and bandcamp download. We will be working on getting a 7" and zine together in his memory. Please read below to refresh your memory on the project and please download the Edmond Lapine sampler HERE. It's pay what you want, including zero, but please consider donating something towards the project.

2) Skrill Meadow - Lost on Vacation! Solo LP from Lazer Zeppelin and LAKE member, Mark Morrison.

I love Mark Morrison. He's an old friend from my days in Olympia, and he is a truly gifted weirdo soul. He is a member of LAKE and Lazer Zeppelin, and Skrill Meadow is his longest running solo project. Mark has amazing intuition for all styles of music the sound of Skrill Meadow is always shifting from lo-fi noise, gospel, country, electronic, whatever. Lost On Vacation is full on soft yacht rock with Mark's own weird slant.

LPs come in repurposed dollar bin LP Sleeves and include a lyric insert.

Check out the full album length video for Lost On Vacation here: Burn a doobie of "the weed" first...


3) Soild Gold - Scott McMicken - In Your Dreams LP
- Songwriter/Singer for Dr. Dog returns to Soild Gold for another solo album!

You probably know Scott McMicken as the songwriter/singer from Philly Psych-Pop modern day cult legends, Dr. Dog. If you don't know them, well... that sucks for you. If you love great songwriting and amazing hooks, this is your guy. We were extremely happy to release his first solo album, "IT" a couple years ago (They sold out in 8 minutes!). Now we have the great pleasure of releasing his second solo album, "In Your Dreams", an album that was written and recorded, entirely by Scott (on every instrument) in 48 hours. But this is far from some weird avant garde throw-off record that stat might infer. This is a cohesive pop masterpiece.

Limited to 200 copies on "Soild Gold Gold Vinyl". 35 randomly inserted copies are on Soild Gold Gold with Brown Splatter Vinyl". You can also join the "Test Pressing Guessing Game" by adding some extra change onto your "Pay What You Want". For example, if you pay $22.38 and Scott chose the number 38 for this release, you win a free test pressing along with your order!

STRICT LIMIT OF ONE COPY PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD, ETC. Any orders of more than one copy will be canceled. And please don't be a jerk and buy it just to flip on ebay. There are a LOT of people who want this record, and we would prefer they don't have to pay 10x the price because some opportunist asshole who didn't want it bought it just to flip. Don't be that opportunist asshole... I watch discogs and ebay and I will send bad vibes your way...


SG - 4xLP Multi-Pack - Scott McMicken "In Your Dreams" + Jeffrey Lewis "Outtakes" + Be Gulls (Little Wings + Lee Baggett) "Dead Giveaway" + American Monoxide "Web Content"
SG - 2xLP Pack - Scott + Be Gulls.
SG - 6x Tape Multi-Pack - Scott McMicken "In Your Dreams" + Jeffrey Lewis "Outtakes" + Be Gulls (Little Wings + Lee Baggett) "Dead Giveaway" + Eric Slick "Out of Habit" + Floating Action "Research".


Posted on January 13th, 2017