Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Mythbusters Spinoff, Record Cutters for Sale and Overstock Super Sale!

1) Mythbusters Spinoff
This spring, my MVR business partner Kris Dorr and I were flown out to Los Angeles for a while to help the former Mythbusters crew do a thing. We can't tell you what that thing is, but you can find out for yourself on December 9th, if you have Netflix. Supposedly, our episode will be the first one of the series. It's called White Rabbit Projects. Hopefully we don't get totally cut out or look like complete Rubes.

2) New Zealand Pilgrimage

If you've been following PIAPTK for the last ten years, you will remember that I started the label by ordering lathe cuts from the OG Godfather, Peter King. He's still doing his thing, just like he has for the last 30 years, and to celebrate my 38th Birthday and the 10th Birthday of PIAPTK, I am making a pilgrimage down to Ashburton, NZ to meet the Lathe Wizard of NZ. This has been a dream for over a decade and I finally have the opportunity to do it. If you've got any tips, tricks, or hookups and connections down under, please hit me with them.

Releases from Jad Fair, Wooden Wand, Surfer Blood, Reptar, Salesman, ALL CD-Record Series releases, Homely Singles Blind Date Club Releases, Keith John Adams, Southerly, Casper and the Cookies, Norfolk & Western/Graves, Anni Rossi/Whitman, Golden Boots, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Amo Joy!, Javier, Solid Home Life, Devin James Fry, Grey Waves, The Crash That Took Me, Lazer Zeppelin, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Impossible Shapes, Karl Blau, Graves, Gift Machine, Nate Ashley, Carcrashlander, etc are ON SUPER SALE!

Check out the overstock sale HERE!

4) Record Cutters for Sale!

Want to cut your own records? Well, in order to raise money, I'm having to thin the lathe herd again. All of these machines are fully functional, restored, come with a starter pack of blanks and needles, and tech support or training in Tucson to get you rolling. I've got 5 lathes available ranging from beginner suitcase units for $1800, mid-range more versatile units for $3750, up to the big bad boys, Stereo hi-fi diamond cutting lathes if you got the budget and want to really go hard for $8500. For more info, email me at peopleinapositiontoknow---at---yahoo---dot---com.

Posted on December 7th, 2016