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New Little Wings, Golden Boots, FREE Rarities and Test Pressings, BGM & Natural Child Distro

Hey y'all!

It’s been a dry couple months (or at least it has felt like it), here in PIAPTKtown. I’ve been traveling like crazy for work with Mobile Vinyl Recorders: Palm Springs, Chicago, Indianapolis, Portland, New York City, Bethel CT, Danfield OH, Newburgh NY, The Hamptons, Charlotte NC, Atlanta, etc. With near future stops in Nashville, Atlanta (again...twice…), Miami, NYC, Philly, Richmond, New Zealand, and Australia. But, my main obsession/compulsion/addiction/money pit also known as PIAPTK is always on my mind/heart. And the near future is going to be full of releases I’m excited about. I can’t quit you, even if you’ve quit me. I’m the weirdo stalker record label creeping outside your inbox telling you about a band that might be your new favorite if you didn’t pull the curtains and call the cops/unsubscribe. That’s metaphorical of course. I’m too busy/apathetic to creep around your actual window.

Upcoming Releases from: Scott McMicken, Michael Nau, Eric Slick, Wooden Wand, Be Gulls (Little Wings + Lee Baggett), Lee Baggett + Graves, Will Johnson (Centro-matic, Monsters of Folk), Ohioan, Foxx Bodies, American Monoxide, Sloppy Joe and the Cruise, Golden Boots, Dread Cat & The Transitional Wave, and a ton of others….

Please Note that it might take a week or so to get new orders out. We are crazy busy round here.

1) Little Wings – The Shredder Trilogy 8” Pic Disc
My love for Little Wings is no secret. Kyle Field ranks very high in my top five favorite songwriters. His songs run this strange gamut of playfully innocent childrens tunes, extremely dark and brooding, to weirdo stream of consciousness freestyling. You never know what you will get from one Little Wings album/performance to the next, but you always know that it will be engaging, unique and very well done. Little Wings albums also have common threads that run through them; chord patterns and vocal melodies and lyrical themes that re-appear in different songs on different albums. One of the best examples of that is the “Shredder Trilogy”. A 3-part tale, spread out over three different albums of the rise and fall of a neighborhood skateboarding legend, known only as “The Shredder”. Despite being a seemingly lighthearted and silly sounding concept, it’s actually a very poignant and emotional story of the fall from glory of a former champion and his struggle with getting older and becoming irrelevant and out of style. Something that a lot of people can (especially myself) relate with. The Shredder Trilogy is a narrative that has been one of my favorite pieces to return to for over a decade, and I’m unbelievably happy to be able to present it, in it’s entirety, in a physical format. It comes on an 8” picture disc, in heavy duty pic disc sleeve with side spine and is limited to 100 copies, only 65 of which we have for sale.

Want to check it out? Youtube it! (I Can't put it on Soundcloud)

Want to buy it? Click Here!

2) PIAPTK Grab Bags + Free Rarities/Test Pressing Bonuses (from some of our biggest bands and fan favorites: Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Scott McMicken, Jeffrey Lewis, Little Wings, R Stevie Moore, Wooden Wand, Golden Boots, etc.

Have you been looking for a reason to really dig into PIAPTK? Maybe you’ve bought a handful of releases in the past and “really like the idea of the artists on PIAPTK” but not actually bought more than a couple things? Don’t know what to buy? Want your art forcefed to you ala Vinyl Me, Please (but at less than half the price??) Well, you are in luck. Now PIAPTK is offering a Grab Bag Starter Pack of amazing, mind blowing, life changing (perhaps that is hyperbole…) releases replete with a FREE super rarity, not available anywhere else. These are not simply back stock we are trying to dump. ALL in print releases (along with the listed out of print rarities and test pressings) will be represented in these grab bags.

Only 30 of these packages will exist and every one will have some crazy release that is out of print (some of which command hundreds of dollars on eBay and Discogs).

Also includes a DIY silkscreened PIAPTK/Soild Gold tote bag that was made from a discarded Burger Records tote bag (Long story, but they were being thrown away, and we couldn’t have that).

You get:
7x LPs (value up to $105)
3x 7”s (value up to $17)
4x Lathe cut singles (Value up to $50)
4x CD-Record Lathe Cuts (Value of $28)
PIAPTK/Soild Gold Tote bag, hand silkscreened over discarded Burger Record Tote Bags (ask for the story, if you care) (Value: PRICELESS)
Total value of $200.00 PLUSSSSSS
A FREEEEEE PIAPTK Out of Print Rarity or Lathe Cut (value up to $300+)

Each of these bags is different, cost only $150, and each will randomly include one of the following, free rarities.

The Flaming Lips – Good Vibrations 4 sided Eulerian Disc
Scott McMicken – In Your Dreams (UNRELEASED! The actual record won’t be released for months) Test Pressing!! TWO OF THEM inserted randomly in bundles!
Scott McMicken “IT” Test Pressing
Scott McMicken “In Your Dreams” Test Pressing
Scott McMicken “IT” Yellow Soild Gold LP (just sold on eBay for $300)
Scott McMicken “IT” Splatter Soild Gold LP (Probably worth a Billion $$$$ on the open market)
Grandaddy – Arm of Roger Yellow LP on Soild Gold
Grandaddy – Arm of Roger “Mustard and Ketchup Splatter LP on Soild Gold (ltd to 35 copies)
Grandaddy – Arm of Roger Yellow TEST PRESSING
Floating Action – Research Test Pressing (Ltd to 10 Copies)
Of Montreal – NOLF Postcard
Eric Slick – Out Of Habit Yellow LP
Eric Slick – Out oF Habit Splatter LP
Eric Slick – Out of Habit Black Vinyl Test Pressing
Little Wings – Made it Rain Test Pressing (one of only 10 copies on black vinyl)
Golden Boots – White Skeleton X-Ray flexi disc – pressed onto a REAL X-Ray
R Stevie Moore – Saturday Singles Series Lathe Cut 7”s – 2 different singles for the free price of one.
4 Way Split Northwest Test Pressing: Karl Blau, Graves, Gift Machine & Nate Ashley
4 Way Split Midwest Test Pressing: Saturday Looks Good To Me, Emily Jane Powers, Impossible Shapes & Side Projects.
Grey Waves – Void 7” Test Pressing
Sugar Candy Mountain – 666 LP test Pressing
Jeffrey Lewis – Outtakes…. LP Test Pressing
American Monoxide “In Flight Mode” LP Test Pressing
Briana Marela – I Don’t Belong to You 7” Lathe Cut
Forest Fallows – At Home Test Pressing
R Stevie Moore – You Came Along Just In Time Letter Pressed Picnic Plate 7” + Eli Moore Letter Pressed Picnic Plate
Wooden Wand – Born Bad – Silkscreened First Copy

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3) Baby Gas Mask Distro: West Foot Forward Tucson Split 7” Series
Baby Gas Mask Records are my buddies. We share a studio space, Seth from BGM does PIAPTK’s Fulfillment, and they run a killer home studio here in Tucson, where they record tons of local bands. Some of those recordings end up on their West Foot Forward Series. Two similar bands go head to head on one 7” in hand silkscreened and spray painted covers. Each one is unique and represents some of the best that Tucson has to offer. Listen to some samples of them here:

Currently Available:
Sun Bones/Best Dog Award
Katterwaul/Head Over Heart
Rising Sun Daughter/Laura and the Killed Men


4) Golden Boots Tropical Trio – H.A.L.T. Tape Distro
The Golden Boots Tropical Trio consists of Dimitri and Ryen on guitar, Jeff Grubic (Haboob) on Sax and new member Omnichord on Bass and Drums. New tunes, covers, and reworkings of Golden Boots classics (Including the first official recording of Monster Kiss, a tune covered and made famous by NoBunny (who was one of the first Golden Boots drummers, 15 years ago). H.A.L.T. will eventually come out on PIAPTK in 2x10” Lathe Cut form, but until then, whet your whistle with it in the “other analog format”.

Get One!

5) Orkesta Mendoza - ¡Vamos A Guarachar! Cassette – Soild Gold Co-Release with Baby Tooth Records
Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkestra are Tucson staples, playing Psychedelic Mambo featuring members of Golden Boots, Fur Family, Calexico, Andrew Collberg Band, backing up Sergio Mendoza. They tour all over the world, and Soild Gold is super excited to co-release their new album on cassette with our buddies at Baby Tooth Records (the tape subsidiary of Wooden Tooth Records). This is a preorder. All tapes will ship on or before November 11th, 2016.


6) Natural Child - Freakin' Weekend VI Tape – We bought a few copies of this killer live set on cassette from our friends at Shed House Records. Natural Child is a band PIAPTK has been pursuing for years to no avail, so this is as close as we get (so far).

Available here!

Thanks again for still coming around! Love, Mike.

Posted on October 4th, 2016