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Grandaddy, Mike Watt, Globelamp, Jeffrey Lewis, American Monoxide, Anthony Junior, Rarities sale, THE IVL DISCOS, etc!

We have so many new releases from amazing artists we've been trying to work with for years!  Check them all out below and buy them HERE.

Grandaddy - Arm of Roger: The Ham and it's Lily

Soild Gold is beyond thrilled to announce the first ever vinyl issue of Grandaddy's "lost" practical joke record, Arm of Roger: The Ham and It's Lily!  Like all Soild Gold Releases, it is limited to 200 LPs and 100 cassettes sold. 165 of those LPs are on transparent gold vinyl, and 35 copies (randomly inserted into orders) are on "mustard and ketchup" vinyl to mirror the back cover of the original CD release.

This was the “practical joke” album that Grandaddy sent to their label, V2, prior to sending them the masters to The Sophtware Slump. The label was not thrilled by their “new direction”, but you will be. Songs about robots, animals, behind the scenes band drama, and female genitalia. 

We have 3 test pressings to be given away in a raffle. To enter the raffle, use the "pay what you 
want" option and enter a value (over $15) that includes change.  Grandaddy has chosen a number between .01 and .99, and the first three people to pay a value with that change amount, win the test pressing. For example, if they chose $.02 (hint: they didn't), and you paid $15.02, you win a test pressing. You have the same chance of winning whether you pay $15.02 or $250.02... However, if you 
throw in a little extra, it goes to cover the cost of the beer that we drank while packing these records up. 


Jeffrey Lewis: No. 2 Girl CD-Record (CD/Vinyl Hybrid)

Jeffrey Lewis has been one of my friends and favorite songwriters for as long as I’ve run PIAPTK. I’ve begged him since the first day I met him to release something through PIAPTK. Persistence finally paid off. One afternoon we were hanging out in NYC and I talked him into sending me two discs worth of incredible demos and outtakes, which he allowed me to curate into an upcoming Soild Gold LP release, and to use my favorite song, No. 2 Girl, for the CD-Record Series or CD/Vinyl Hybrid discs.


Mike Watt: Watt: On Bass Eulerian Circle 3-sided Record

I’ve already gushed about Mike Watt here before.  He is the “godfather” of punk rock. He was my first “rock star” encounter when I was 14, and was incredibly kind and generous with his time while my friends and I asked him stupid questions while geeking out about fIREHOSE and the Minutemen.  And he is still that guy. When I asked him to contribute to the Eulerian Circles series he went into his home studio and knocked out three short improvised bass jams for this three-sided, 4”x8” record. It’s a kooky little collectors item, but I feel like it is the boiled down essence of the Man in the Van with the Bass in his Hand.  Limited Edition of 100 copies. 


Globelamp: Sha-La-Love b/w Birds Down My Back Lathe Cut 7" with unique hand drawn covers

 We worked with Elizabeth Le Fey’s old band, Meowtain several years ago. After that she joined Foxygen for a while before leaving to pursue her own solo project, Globelamp. Really excited to work with her again for a new single with two hot new jams!

Each of these lathe cut 7” white squares comes in a unique, handmade cover hand drawn, painted, glittered, palm printed, and/or kissed by Lizzie herself with a silkscreened B-side.



With every release, we put back a handful of copies for our archives and for shipping and production problems, etc. And every once in a while, we have to dig deep to raise some extra cash for upcoming releases, so we dig out the extras.

We’ve added out-of-print releases from The Flaming Lips, Scott McMicken, Dr Dog, Ariel Pink, Wooden Wand, Golden Boots, Little Wings, R Stevie Moore, Benoit Pioulard, Bishop Allen, The Microphones, Paleo, This Frontier Needs Heores, Black Prairie, Lazer Zeppelin, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Eric Johnson (Fruit Bats), Joe Plummer (Shins, Modest Mouse, Cold War Kids, Built In Sun, Blackheart Procession), Grand Archives, Kristofferson Tribute, Southerly, etc.
Pick them up here



The IVL Discos is a new PIAPTK subsidiary inspired by the weird, avant garde, non-commercial side projects of so many bands that I know. Here are the details.  Some of these will have been made by bands that you know and love, and some will be bands that you WOULD have loved had you known them.  We have some pretty amazing artists contributing (some that we’ve been courting for years that finally came on board once we offered to let them fly their freak flags.

The Criteria:
1) All releases will be limited to 53 lathe cut 7” (max 6 min per side) copies. 17 artist copies, 33 copies sold through our website, and 3 copies that will be mailed to a randomly chosen thrift store in an American town that nobody has ever heard of. All releases will be sold through the website for $8.88 each.
2) Each release will be recorded by musicians in other bands.  Could be established bands, collaborations between friends, super groups, solo artists, whatever. Each release will be credited to a pseudonym (chosen by the band), and all performers will choose pseudonyms for themselves.  No information (other than the pseudonyms) about the band or performers will be released until after all the copies have been sold.
3) All music will be in the vein of avant garde, experimental, noise, etc. It is preferable that the music be so far outside the standard output of the artists involved that it is unrecognizable.
4) The label is responsible only for curation of the artist… the artists will be given FULL creative control to record/release ANYTHING they want.
5) The records will be on clear, square, 7” lathe cuts. They will be packaged in minimal, consistent, and relatively ugly covers.
6) All releases will be available for streaming through Soundcloud until they are sold out, and will then be taken down. No digital files will be offered.
IVL-0001: Saqqara Mastaba
Performed By: Saqqara Mastaba Hermopolis Magna & Waan’Ubyee Shemayet
Side 1: Walking Through The False Door & Fixed By The Tiny Talons of the Vulture Goddess
Side 2:  No Escape For the Serfs on the Surf
IVL-0002: Swamp Cooler
Performed by: J Spitzer
Side 1: FX1-FX6
Side 2: FX7 Heaven
IVL-0003: Super Dead Black Black Fiery Crystal Fuck Wolf Girls With No Band Kids/Horse Skulls and the Dear Beach Experience Project (Ghost$ - Mntns)
Performed by: Gunther Olaafson, Eddy Didley, J-Bo Davelanche, M. Devingeh
Side 1: But Press in Printout
Side 2: Improbably Spaniel
IVL-0004: St. John's Dance
Performed by: St. John, Petri, Morwen Moon, & Shania Pain.
Side 1: Bone Crusher
Side 2: An Offering


American Monoxide: In Flight Mode LP

The solo project of Dimitri Manos (Dr. Dog, Golden Boots, LABRYYYNTH), American Monoxide is the unfettered freakiness of Dimitri's pop genius with no boundries imposed by other band members.  Recorded in a couple of weeks in his home studio, In Flight Mode is a fractured masterpiece. 
Limited edition of 250 in professionally printed jackets.
Available to stream for a very limited time:


Anthony Junior: A Magical Evening With Anthony Junior LP Repress

We sold out of the first pressing of this LP lathe cut almost instantly, so we tracked Anthony down (he’s living in Vancouver, WA for some reason), and got him to hand paint us 20 more covers.

In case you didn’t read about him last email, here is what you missed:

25 tracks of lo-fi outsider pop genius on one clear, lathe cut LP with hand-painted covers by Anthony himself.

Listen to it here:

If you’ve been following PIAPTK from the beginning, you might remember Anthony Junior. We released several things for him before he dropped off the face of the Earth in 2008.

For the people who've met him, Anthony is legendary. The legend hasn’t always been pretty, but it was ALWAYS interesting. One of these days I will write a book about my two years of living and playing music with Anthony. The Spanish band, Notes to Myself (who stayed at our house for one night), wrote a song about it called “Night at Anthonys”.

Like Daniel Johnston, Syd Barret, Brian Wilson, Biff Rose, and Ivor Cutler before him, Anthony has/had intense sparks of genius, unconventional musical ideas, prolific output and certain “challenges” in day to day functioning and interpersonal relationships. Over the last 7 years, I haven’t heard much from Anthony. He went through a pretty hard time during our tenure as roommates in Olympia in 2007/2008 and we parted on somewhat unpleasant terms. Over the ensuing years he would pop up and make contact during his good periods, disappear during what I can only assume were his harder periods. He recently got back in touch, is living in Vancouver, recording new songs, and appears to be doing pretty well. In honor of that, we dug out these old covers that were intended for the release of “Magical Evening With” in 2008.

American Monoxide Tape Lathe repress & Individual Tape

These 2x Lathe cut/Cassette sandwiches sold out immediately after the last email, so we’ve made another 40 copies (second pressing on blue cassettes instead of red).  We’ve also made another run of the “standard” cassette version, which were originally only sold locally in Tucson.
Here is the Deal:

A split EP from Tucson weirdos American Monoxide (Dimitri Manos of Dr Dog/Golden Boots) and Wight Lhite. This cassette was released in two formats… The standard version on Paisley Shirt Records out of SF, and the “Deluxe Lathe Cut Sandwich” Version on PIAPTK.  The first pressing (red cassettes) are limited to 30 copies of each version. Subsequent editions (if any) will be on different colored cassettes.
Here’s How it Works:
Each Deluxe Version includes: One Cassette, Two Venn Diagram off-set hole lathe cuts, two bolts, two wingnuts, and four rubber mounting shock absorber grommets, and one Sathers Candy style package. Each lathe cut includes two tracks that are designed to be played in conjunction with the cassette, but can be played separately.
Watch the instructional video here:


We've got lots of great stuff coming up soon. Stay tuned!

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Posted on September 23rd, 2015