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Sonny & The Sunsets, Jad Fair, Advance Base, & Anthony Junior...

Blah Blah Blah, new stuff, please buy it.

New CD-Records: Jad Fair and Sonny & The Sunsets

The newest additions to our on going CD-Record Series are Jad Fair and Sonny & The Sunsets.  We are down to our very last copies of the Jason Lytle and Scott McMicken CD-Records, so they are only available as a full series, and there are very few of those left over. Pick them up here

American Monoxide/Wight Lhite “Magic Mirror” Lathe/Cassette Sandwich
A split EP from Tucson weirdos American Monoxide (Dimitri Manos of Dr Dog/Golden Boots) and Wight Lhite. This cassette was released in two formats… The standard version on Paisley Shirt Records out of SF, and the “Deluxe Lathe Cut Sandwich” Version on PIAPTK.  The first pressing (red cassettes) are limited to 30 copies of each version. Subsequent editions (if any) will be on different colored cassettes. Pick it up here. 

Here’s How it Works:
Each Deluxe Version includes: One Cassette, Two Venn Diagram off-set hole lathe cuts, two bolts, two wingnuts, and four rubber mounting shock absorber grommets, and one Sathers Candy style package. Each lathe cut includes two tracks that are designed to be played in conjunction with the cassette, but can be played separately.
Here is a promotional video for it.

Advance Base – Four Abstractions Lathe cut 10” with hand drawn covers
A new EP of instrumental outtakes from Owen Ashworth’s Advance Base.  On clear, 10” lathe cuts, all in covers hand-drawn and numbered by Owen.  This is limited to 50 copies.  I have 25, Owen has 25. Includes instant download.
Pick it up here. 
PS – We are down to our last few copies of the Advance Base/Hello Shark 7”. We have no plans to repress it. Get it here. 

Anthony Junior – A Magical Evening with Anthony Junior 12” Lathe Cut w/ Unique Hand Painted covers
25 tracks of lo-fi outsider pop genius on one clear, lathe cut LP with hand-painted covers by Anthony himself.  We recently found 13 covers that Anthony painted in 2008 for a planned release that never happened.  The plan is to ultimately make this a run of 50 copies, with Anthony painting another 37 covers, but Anthony has never been completely reliable or predictable. So, there is a chance that these 13 copies will be the only ones made.  So, this “first pressing” has been numbered out of 13, and the “second pressing” will be numbered out of 37 (if it happens).

Listen to it here:

If you’ve been following PIAPTK from the beginning, you might remember Anthony Junior. We released several things for him before he dropped off the face of the Earth in 2008.

For the people who met him, Anthony is legendary.  The legend hasn’t always been pretty, but it was ALWAYS interesting. One of these days I will write a book about my two years of living and playing music with Anthony.  The Spanish band, Notes to Myself (who stayed at our house for one night), wrote a song about it in the meantime, it’s called “Night at Anthonys”.

Like Daniel Johnston, Syd Barret, Brian Wilson, Biff Rose, and Ivor Cutler before him, Anthony has/had intense sparks of genius, unconventional musical ideas, prolific output and certain “challenges” in day to day functioning and interpersonal relationships.  Over the last 7 years, I haven’t heard much from Anthony.  He went through a pretty hard time during our tenure as roommates in Olympia in 2007/2008 and we parted on somewhat unpleasant terms.  Over the ensuing years he would pop up and make contact during his good periods, disappear during what I can only assume were his harder periods.  He recently got back in touch, is living in Vancouver, recording new songs, and appears to be doing pretty well.  In honor of that, we dug out these old covers that were intended for the release of “Magical Evening With” in 2008.


Built In Sun – ST Last Chance for Preorder Exclusive Lathe Cut
The new single from the Built In Sun LP is starting to get picked up at radio stations across the country, and is being debuted now at Death & Taxes, with a new video coming very soon!  Just a reminder that this is the LAST CHANCE that you have to preorder the LP and get a bonus lathe cut semi-flexi 7” with new, unreleased tracks from Joe Plummer and Pall Jenkins (Three Mile Pilot, Blackheart Procession).  Lathe cut 7”s come with ALL preorders, including black vinyl, but will not be available after the first shipment of preorders, approximately Aug 1st.

Joyful Noise, our buddy company, is also about to post the news about the release, and they have a MUCH bigger and more rabid audience than us weirdos do, so the chances of us selling out of our copies of both the one-time pressing of Silver with Blue haze color in color vinyl and black are pretty high.

We are so excited to announce the debut album from Built In Sun, the new project from Joe Plummer (The Shins, Cold War Kids, The Blackheart Procession, etc) with Pall Jenkins (The Blackheart Procession and Three Mile Pilot) on vocals and Richard Swift on Bass. 
There will be a limited edition of 250 copies will be on "translucent aqua inside silver" vinyl. The rest will be on glorious black vinyl. All preordered copies of the special colored vinyl will include a bonus 7" clear, square semi-flexi lathe cut of an instrumental non-album track!  Pick them up HERE!
PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PREORDER: ORDERS WILL SHIP IN TIME TO ARRIVE FOR AUG 7th RELEASE DATE. Any items ordered with this item will not ship until that time. 
Built In Sun in a new project from Joe Plummer, drummer for The Shins, Cold War Kids and Mister Heavenly. Joe has also produced and co-recorded an all drum project called Hew Time, released on Joyful Noise in 2014.  Joe has played drums and percussion with Modest Mouse and The Black Heart Procession, both touring and recording over the course of 10 years.  Built In Sun started during touring breaks between The Shins “Port of Morrow” and Cold War Kids “Hold My Home” releases.  Built in Sun began as an instrumental idea, with inspirations landing somewhere between John Cales Fear, the punk vibe of the Wipers and John Reis, and his favorite soundtrackists John Brion and Clint Mansell. After the first instrumental mixes were finished (with help of from Richard Swift) he decided that the tunes and melodies just might be cool enough to ask a few of his pals to sing. Pall Jenkins  (The Black Heart Procession) was the first. Within a day Pall sent back John John, with solid scratch vocals. Next day, another song. Next day another song…….No use to ask anyone else.  The songs came together with the addition of vocals and it felt good to again collaborate with Pall.  With this, Built In Sun was complete, and is set to be released on PIAPTK, August 7th, 2015


We've got lots of great stuff coming up soon. Stay tuned!

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Posted on July 11th, 2015