Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Golden Boots Vinyl Rarities Store

The Golden Boots Announce Vinyl Rarities Store:  Golden Boots are one of the bands that PIAPTK has worked with the most with over the years.  We’ve done over 20 releases that they were a part of.  They are also probably the worst band on the planet about bringing merch to their shows.  So, when I moved to Tucson a while back and walked into Ryen’s house, I saw a shelf with almost every artist copy of every release I’ve ever given them sitting on it. Things that people have been begging me for over the years, but were long ago sold out.  

Now, they’ve finally made the stash available to the public at  They’ve even put together a few 3xLP boxsets comprised of the three main LP albums they’ve released on vinyl. Other items available include: 5” X-ray Pic discs, Blunderlust 10” (both versions), Bland Canyon Adventure 10” (with paint set), “The Microphones, Golden Boots, Paleo and Bishop Allen Collaborate with a 1940’s Wire Recorder 7” (all versions), The “Days Before The Tow” Lost 7”, Hand-colored LABRYYYNTH Wrecking Ball Swirl Paint 7” lathes, WCKR SPGT Tributes, “Golden Boots/Flaspar/Andrew Jackson Jihad split CDs”, The Man In Me Lathe Cut Heart Shaped Lathe Cut Picnic Plates that were given away at my wedding, and even some handmade artpieces.  They only have between 1 and 5 copies of most of these, so if you have been looking for something, now’s the time to break out the two dollar bills your grandpa included in the weird religious Christmas Card he sent. Pick some up here: 

Thanks as always!

Mike and PIAPTK

Posted on December 27th, 2014