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PIAPTK Joins Forces with Joyful Noise Recordings!

PIAPTK is excited to announce that we have partnered with one of our favorite labels, Joyful Noise Recordings! And I have been hired by JNR as a Physical Release Strategist and Creative Concepts Director.

This means a significantly larger platform for the freaky, weird, packaging and vinyl formatting that you have come to know and love from PIAPTK. With that comes huge budget increases, more time that can be allotted to research and development, increased exposure, and collaboration of ideas that will allow both labels to really expand, artistically, and continue to push the boundaries of physical media.

It also means wider distribution for our pressed vinyl releases and additional exposure for our family of artists.  PIAPTK has always existed for two reasons: 1) to serve as an outlet for my own brand of conceptual art and 2) to attempt to bring the amazing music that my friends are making to wider audiences.  And this partnership will be a huge leap forward in that evolution. 

If you are not already familiar with Joyful Noise, they are an incredible label based in Indianapolis, that has released records for many of my (and probably your) favorite artists.  Half Japanese, Sebadoh, David Yow, Don Caballero, Deerhoof, WHY?, and countless artists through their flexi singles subscription series. In an industry that is mostly known for shady business practices and exploitation of artists, Joyful Noise is transparent, honest, and very straight forward with their fans and their bands. Their creative approach and attention to the tiniest details of their releases, has always been an inspiration to me, and I can’t wait to bring my own weird touch to their operation.

You will probably begin seeing my fingerprints on many of their releases very soon. In the meantime, please go check out to see all the great things they are doing right now!

Thanks as always!

Michael Dixon
Tucson, AZ

Posted on November 24th, 2014