Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ
Nau + FlAction + Jim James, Veronica Bianqui, Perfectly Close + More.

Hi! Here we go into another wonderful quarantine winter. But we got some siq nu jamz to warm you up on those cold winter evenings. By the way, if you STILL haven't checked out the Lost 1975 Trop-Rock classic, Keep On Cruisin' by Sloppy Joe and the Cruise, it TRULY is the record you need right now.

Anyway, onto the new shit.

1. Dream Sitch (Michael Nau + Seth Kaufman Collab LP w/ a preorder only Bonus Lathe Cut with a Jim James Remix!)
2. Veronica Bianqui - Debut LP of Mod Garage Pop from Blank Tapes guitarist, Veronica Bianqui
3. Perfectly Close - ST Album CD-Record
4. Tax Deductions for Musicians, Artists, and Side Hustlers!
5. Wooden Wand's new Podcast - The Toth Zone
6. New Distro - Tons of new (and old) stuff from Joyful Noise Recordings, K Records, Org Music, Electricity and Lust, etc
7. New stuff in Archives, etc - Deep cleaning a packed to the rafters 2500 sq foot studio, fulfillment center, garage sale find storage zone, all kinds of shit drifts to the top.

Dream Sitch - Long Distance Quarantine Collaboration Album from Michael Nau and Seth Kaufman (Floating Action).

This is a preorder that ships on or before Dec 4th.

Well, 2020 and COVID-19 ain't ALL bad, I guess. It did give us THIS record. An internet long distance quarantine collaboration between Michael Nau and Seth Kauffman of Floating Action under the Dream Sitch moniker. And it is exactly what you would expect from musical powerhouses. Quirky, poppy, and beautiful.

First (and maybe only?) Pressing on Jellybean Pressman's Choice Color Vinyl by our buddies at Kindercore Record Pressing.

Released in Conjunction with our good buddies at They release a lot of incredible stuff, and we just stocked up with some of their things (Mike Watt, Sun Ra, etc on the Distro page).

Preorders placed before the Dec 4th release date can purchase the preorder-only Add-on "Random Drops" (what we call weird shapes (like this) that are left over whenever we route out circular discs from large sheets of plastic) Star Shaped lathe cut of Jim James' (My Morning Jacket) Remix of "Random Drips". 4:20 of aural ecstacy spread over two sides of a 5" record. Random Drips (Jim James Remix) Pt One B/W Random Drips (Jim James Remix) Pt Two.

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Veronica Bianqui - Debut LP

This is a preorder that ships on or before Dec 4th.

The debut solo LP of garage mod pop goodness from Blank Tapes guitarist Veronica Bianqui.

Released in conjunction with our good buds at Almost Halloween Time, Science Project Records, and Wallflower Records.

First pressing on Ltd Ed Pink Vinyl!

LA native, vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Veronica Bianqui integrates the raw energy of garage rock & power pop with the passion of classic soul and R&B, and the pop sensibilities of 60s girl groups. Recorded by Grammy Award winning engineer Mark Rains (Tanya Tucker, Death Valley Girls, Alice Bag), and co-produced by Bianqui and Matt Adams (The Blank Tapes, Sugar Candy Mountain),

Bianqui’s long awaited debut album contains a collection of songs written over the past several years. These songs represent a previous version of herself, before profound external and internal changes had occurred in and around Bianqui’s world. This is why the album is more than just an album release - it is the release of a past life, of past struggles and pain, and old belief systems. If you look closely on the inner circle of the vinyl, there is a special inscription that encapsulates the whole feeling of what releasing this album and all Bianqui’s loss means. This album is the stepping stone into womanhood, the closing of a long long chapter, and a time capsule of who and what used to be.

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Perfectly Close - ST Album CD-Record

Perfectly Close is 8 songs of longing from Quarantine Denver, recorded at Nathaniel Ratliff's house April 2020 by my good buddy Adam Baumeister (ex- Bad Weather California, Esme Patterson, Flobots, etc) Released on Meep / Piaptk.

SAMPLE IT HERE: (And check out some of his other MEEP stuff while you are at it!)

SOLD AT COST just to get it in the hands of folks that will enjoy it. The first run of this CD includes a bonus vinyl groove of the tune Night Hunter
1. Look at Us Now 2. Our First Kiss 3. Don't Look Away 4. Stories We Tell 5. Myths Amiss 6. Rough Mix, 7. Alicia 8. Without Sayings - Bonus Groove Track Night Hunter

Adam Baumeister - songs / gtr
Chris Adolf - gtr
Scott Beck - drums
Jess DeNicola - vocals
Kate Hannington - oboe / clarinet / wurlitzer
Joe Sampson - bass

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Tax Deductions for Artists, Musicians and Side Hustlers


This is a seminar for anyone that is spending money being an artist or musician while simultaneously working a day job to support themselves. Or anyone who makes their living through art but doesn't already know the ins and outs of self-employment tax law!.

Many artists and musicians don't realize that EVERY CENT they spend that is related to the art business that they are building can be deducted from the income they made at their day job when it comes time to calculate the money they owe the US Government for income taxes. AND IT'S TOTALLY LEGAL.

For example... if you make $30,000 tending bar or working retail, but you spend $10,000 more on supplies, mileage, travel, equipment, etc than you make at your Art Business (doesn't have to be registered as an LLC or DBA yet), then it can lower your tax liability by $10,000. That means you pay $2,500 LESS in taxes for the year.

There are SO MANY legal deductions available to artists, musicians, and small business owners, and I will help you start taking advantage of these deductions.

***I am not an accountant, but I have been very carefully studied entertainment tax law and taught basic accounting in high school for a decade. For more on me, check out

RSVP for the Livestream Event Here


Wooden Wand's James Jackson Toth's new Podcast

It's been a LONG time since we've heard from JJT, which is a total shame. He retired from music a few years ago (a feat that I never imagined any more possible than me shutting down PIAPTK, or Floating Action actually releasing a truly "final" album. But at least now we know what he's been working on. This podcast is basically a serialized audiobook of James' "Memoirs", the insights of a true musical obsessive. An awful lot of this has hit REALLY close to home. If you are an "of a certain age", aging hipster like myself and James, who came of age in the last gasp of pre-digital culture of the 90s, you will get a twinge on nostalgia. If you are one of those avocado toast eating millenials, then let JJT school ya on "how it used ta be..." James is incredible writer and narrator and has a lot of really incredible stories to tell.

Check it out here!

New Distro - Tons of new (and old) stuff from Joyful Noise Recordings, K Records, Org Music, Electricity and Lust, etc

Dug out a bunch of old distro stuff, and added a TON of distro from Org Music, Joyful Noise, K Records, and Electricity and Lust Records.


New Archives - y'know... as usual

We have been completely rearranging the studio, trying to figure out how the hell I'm ever going to be able to not be tied to this 2500 sq foot basement like cement boots on a snorkel trip. Came across a fair number of random boxes, unclaimed rarities, crap that fell behind bookshelves, etc etc (Spoiler alert... despite taking LITERALLY a 15' Uhaul packed to the roof of stuff either to my house for a garage sale or to the dump, the studio looks just as full, but better organized. Stuff from Scott McMicken, Little Wings, Golden Boots - Blunderlust 10", First pressings and rare colors of Sugar Candy Mountain 666 & Haboob, Graves and Karl Blau 4 way Split Northwest, Floating Action, etc. Perhaps as each month goes by I get less and less attached to these beautiful items, and well, maybe I also hold back some of the rarities to throw out a little bit of new click bait out each time. Sorry, not sorry. The music business is ruff, yall.

That's it. I love yall. Thanks for reading this far!


Posted on November 23rd, 2020