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Mr Husband - Kinny Bouquet 10" PIAPTK - 315

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Michael Nau passed along this great album by his friend/collaborator Kenny Thompkins. If you like Nau's atmospheric chill pop, you will like this too. On ltd of 50 copies of clear 10"s in unique covers handmade by Kenny.

Blurb from Kenny:
New assorted tunes from yr old pal, Kinny. MY old pal, the cuddly cosmic cowboy Michael Nau, helped me out on several of these and I really love him for it. In December 2019, right before the the great toilet paper panic, we had a nice weekend at home recording and hanging and singing George Jones songs on his tiny parlor piano. Somewhere in there a seed was planted which grew into this lovely Kinny Bouquet over the next year or so which I am pleased to offer you now, dearest listener. Bless your heart for listening. Get out there and be somebody!
released June 18, 2021

Kenny Husband - Songs, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Production
Michael Nau - Production, Keys, Vibraphone, Drums, Lap Steel

Pressing Information

Ltd Ed of 50.