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Haboob - ST (Golden Boots Side Project) PIAPTK - 214

Only 100 copies! on Red with Blue flame vinyl! In hand-silkscreened covers! Hand numbered!

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Haboob are a freaky weird Instrumental Jazz/Prog/Funk/Psych band and can be loosely described as a Golden Boots side project, as many of the main players are also in Golden Boots. Led by Jeff Grubic (who frequently plays sax and keys with Golden Boots), Haboob is usually made up of 3 or 4 of the following dudes, who are all Golden Boots: Ryen Eggleston, Andrew Collberg, Ben Schndeider, and Dimitri Manos. Along with organist Nick Letson (who is my roommate and also played on the upcoming Golden Boots LP). Haboob constantly plays shows around Tucson for audiences as varied as wealthy dinner crowds, senior citizens, and noise shows.

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Ltd ed of 100 copies on Red VInyl with Blue Flame splatter!