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R Stevie's Saturday Singles Series PIAPTK - 110


New (and final) Singles! Available Until 12:00am on Sunday, Feb. 10

I know it's been a while since the last one of these. We had some pretty serious lathe malfunctions and only got them back up and running a few days ago. And to make it worse, due to a confluence of issues, not the least of which is the USPS' enormous hike in international postage (over half of the previous singles were sent outside the US), we've decided that this week will be the final week for the R. Stevie Moore Saturday Singles Club. It's been a blast, but we've gotta call it a day.

But, to try to make it up to you, we've got TWO singles this week.

#7 - A pair of spoken work poetry slam tracks: Disembodied Poetix/Look Who Came! AND:
#8 - The brand new track named after my favorite record label and (hopefully) yours, PIAPTK b/w Falling.

As usual, these will only be available for 24 hours and will be taken down at midnight on Sat. Feb. 11th and all orders will be closed!

And, we have two copies of each of the previous installments available for those who may have missed one. I have 10 people who have bought every record PIAPTK has released since we started. We had an informal agreement that they would buy all records I released, if I held a copy of everything for them so they could combine postage after three or four releases. Unfortunately, I found out recently that one had a baby and another bought a new business and neither can afford to keep up their previous record buying habits. So, now I will open those sets up to you.

The seventh and eight installment of an R. Stevie Moore Singles Series.

On occasional (every 3 or 4 weeks) Saturdays, we will put up for sale a new 7" square lathe cut from R. Stevie Moore in a hand-letterpressed cover. We will leave the orders up for only 24 hours, and then we will make however many were preordered (plus artist copies). They will not be available again after the initial 24 hour period.

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Pressing Information

#1 - Advertising Agency Of... / Conflict of Interest - 78 ordered plus 30 artist copies.
#2: How Many Moore?/Who You Gonna Do-Do On Today - 71 ordered plus 30 artist copies.
#3: Dirty Woman/Little Man - 68 orders plus 30 artist copies.
#4: E Not Laid -backed with- Inconsiderations Pt. 1 68 orders plus 30 artist copies
#5: A to the S on the A by the P/Actually I Do Must Leave. 65 orders plus 30 artist copies.
#6: I Know Them All b/w I Love All The Girls