Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

FREE PIAPTK 2017 Sampler

A selection of tunes from Still-In-Print titles as of May 2017. Listen to them, buy the albums they reside on in a physical format and impress your friends!

01. Saturday Looks Good to Me: Coke Can In A Peach Order (from “Four Way Split Midwest” LP)
02. Golden Boots: Love You Wrong (from “DBX’N’SPF” LP)
03. Sugar Candy Mountain: Eye on You (from “666” LP)
04. Floating Action: Won’t Be Long (from “Is It Exquisite” LP)
05. Graves: Weed Out The Trips (from “Four Way Split Northwest” LP)
06. Casper and the Cookies: Learn How To Disappear (from “The Optimist‘s Club” LP)
07. Amo Joy: Mal Du Siecle (from “Amo Joy” LP)
08. Lazer Zeppelin: Sinkin’ Sand (from “American Derivative” LP)
09. Wooden Wand: Agent Of Destruction (from “Born Bad” LP)
10. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone: Streets of Philadelphia (from “Springsteen Tribute” 8.75”)
11. Southerly: Breath Of My Youth (from “Storyteller and the Gossip Columnist” LP)
12. Carcrashlander: All Y’all (from “All Y’all” 7”)
13. Karl Blau: Song For Kevin (from “Four Way Split Northwest” LP)
14. The Impossible Shapes: Her Sweet Eyes (from “Four Way Split Midwest” LP)
15. Norfolk & Western/Graves: Go Away Little Girl (from “Fleetwood’s Hacks” 10”)
16. American Monoxide: Hot Lava Expres’ (from “Web Content” LP)
17. Forest Fallows: Comfort Lime (from “At Home” LP)
18. Solid Homelife: Petting Zoo (from “Solid Homelife” LP)
19. Built in Sun (Joe Plummer, Pall Jenkins, Richard Swift): Honeybear (From “ST” LP)
20. Grey Waves: Remember Me (from “VOID” LP)
21. Protest Hill: We Won’t Pretend (from “Southerly/Protest Hill Split” 7”)
22. The Crash That Took Me: Purple Clouds (from “Unreleased Songs...” 7”)
23. Casper & The Cookies: Little King (from “Modern Silence” 2xLP)
24. Keith John Adams: Change (from “Roughhousing” LP)
25. Skrill Meadow: Gimme Five (from “Lost On Vacation” LP)
26. Anni Rossi/Whitman: Bootcamp in Idaho (From “Rossi/Whitman” 10”)

Pressing Information

Limited Edition Pressing of only 100 Limited Edition Downloads. Hand numbered! Available in four variant downloads: Red with Blue Splatter (10 downloads), Purple/Yellow Half and Half (10 downloads), Clear with Green Glitter (20 downloads), Swampy Green (30 downloads), Black with Super Dark Grey Pinpoints (30 downloads).