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Scott Garred - Silver Scooter Demos 1998 2x7" PIAPTK - 222

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Silver Scooter were one of my favorite bands in college. They were part of the early 90s first wave of Emo-Pop (with some post-punk flavor) coming out of Austin. I discovered them when a guy I worked with named them as his favorite Texas band a day before I found a pre-release promo copy of their (then upcoming) final album, The Blue Law, at a local record store. My buddy working the counter gave it to me, and from then on, I was hooked. And, as is my MO with bands and artists that I love, I set out to befriend them and did (I even ended up being able to buy one of 2 enormous photo collages that were created for the album art of The Blue Law by SS guitarist/artist Shawn Camp, that now hangs proudly in my living room next to my record shelf). After Silver Scooter broke up, singer/songwriter Scott Garred moved to Portland and began focusing on his long time solo project, SuperXXman and worked as a music therapist.  

Recently, in preparing to release his first solo record (Tiny Little Things, check it out, it's great!) under his own name, Scott came across a cassette of OLD bedroom pop guitar and casio demos for Silver Scooter and early SuperXXman songs. Scott was gracious enough to let me trip down memory lane with him and release these four tunes on double 7" square lathe cut in hand-screened gatefold sleeves.  Limited Edition of 75 copies. 

Limited Edition of 75 copies.

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Ltd Ed of 75 Copies in hand-screened and numbered gatefold sleeves.