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Eric Slick - Unique Vinyl Handmade Tests

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Eric Slick – Out of Habit Crazy Vinyl Test Pressings in handmade covers – When we pressed the first Soild Gold LP, Eric Slicks Primative Guitar opus, Out of Habit, the pressing plant guys sent us a bunch of show-off discs with the test pressings, where the press operator just went wild making insane color combination discs along with our test pressings. They\ sat in a box for a couple of years, because they are so beautiful and unique that I wanted to keep them. But, the time has come to share the wealth, so Eric has made some handmade covers to go with them using India Ink. Because of the experimental way that these were made, there may be imperfections in the pressing. Dimples, skips, uneven edges, etc. They will hopefully play ok all the way through, but may not and should be considered to be art pieces. 50% of the proceeds go directly to Eric to help fund his upcoming solo record. A few of the tests that are either plain black or yellow are a little bit cheaper.