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Little Wings – The Shredder Trilogy 8” Pic Disc PIAPTK - 215

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My love for Little Wings is no secret. Kyle Field ranks very high in my top five favorite songwriters. His songs run this strange gamut of playfully innocent childrens tunes, to extremely dark and brooding, to weirdo stream of consciousness freestyling.  You never know what you will get from one Little Wings album/performance to the next, but you always know that it will be engaging, unique and very well done.

Little Wings albums also have common threads that run through them; chord patterns and vocal melodies and lyrical themes that re-appear in different songs on different albums.  One of the best examples of that is the “Shredder Trilogy”.  A 3-part tale, spread out over three different albums of the rise and fall of a neighborhood skateboarding legend, known only as “The Shredder”. Despite being a seemingly lighthearted and silly sounding concept, it’s actually a very poignant and emotional story of the fall from glory of a former champion and his struggle with getting older and becoming irrelevant and out of style.  Something that a lot of people can (especially myself) relate with.  The Shredder Trilogy is a narrative that has been one of my favorite pieces to return to for over a decade, and I’m unbelievably happy to be able to present it, in it’s entirety, in a physical format.

It comes on an 8” Transparency picture disc, in heavy duty pic disc sleeve with side spine and is limited to 100 copies, only 65 of which we have for sale.

The Shredder Trilogy: The Shredder, Shredder Sequel, Fall Flood (Want to check them out? Do what everybody else does and look them up on Youtube).

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