Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Cloud Walls - T-Town Sessions Art Discs PIAPTK - 201

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These 7"s were made for the one-year-anniversary of the amazing Tucson video series, T-Town Sessions. T-Town Sessions is a collaboration between four amazingly talented female producers/videographers, St. Cecilia Studios, and Cloud Microphones that puts a spotlight on the wide range of incredible artists in Tucson. Indie, blues, punk, and mariachi bands have all been featured.

We partnered with Photographer Abril Castillo to make transparency picture discs, modeled to look like photographic negatives, inside custom die cut covers that make them look like vintage slides.

There are 10 different images, 3 copies each. Only 30 copies were made, 10 sold to benefit T-Town Sessions at the One Year Anniversary Party, 10 for the band, and 10 for PIAPTK to sell to recoup the costs of production.

We are only selling EIGHT records, and you will get a random disc.

Each one has been signed and numbered by Abril Castillo!

Pressing Information

30 copies total. 10 images, 3 copies each.