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Briana Marela - I Don't Belong To You 7" PIAPTK - 126

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Briana Marela is an old friend from Olympia. About a year ago, she approached me to cut some records for a tour she was doing. She and I brainstormed on the artwork and came up with a pretty beautiful concept that included multiple layers of transparencies and transparent labels to add a 3-dimensional feel to the artwork of Danielle Burton.

While cutting the first run of 30, I regretted not releasing it on PIAPTK. Musically it is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. When she approached me about getting a few more made, I insisted on making it a PIAPTK release and she agreed. So here is the concept:

Artwork is comprised of a front and back transperency and a front and back label. Each one has a unique image that fits together in layers to make a beautiful 3-dimensional scene.

The song I Don't Belong to you appears in two versions on this square, clear, 7" lathe cut
Side A: I Don't Belong To You: This version has backwards synths and frontwards vocals
Side B: I Don't Belong To You: This version has backwards vocals and frontwards synths. PLAYS FROM THE INSIDE OUT.
Each side sounds incredible and gives an entirely dynamic to the tune.

Please note that due to the relative shallowness of lathe cut grooves, and a record players tonearm's natural tendency to want to move to the inside of the record, the B-side may not play correctly on a turntable that can't adjust anti-skate and tonearm weight.

Pressing Information

Limited Edition of 75 copies.