Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Benoit Pioulard - Through The Fractured Lens/An Absolute Lathe Cut PP PIAPTK-087

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The third in a series of Benoit Pioulard picnic plate lathe cuts. Each one, so far, has been slightly different than the next, and than the other picnic plates that PIAPTK normally releases. This one, has a stark, no-frills letterpress layout (by request of the artist), and includes a unique photographic print by Thomas Meluch, which is signed and stamped. It is also cut at 45 rpm. Limtied to 66 copies, of which PIAPTK only has 30, and the rest will only be available at BP live shows. Includes free downloads.


  1. Through The Fractured Lens
  2. An Absolute

Pressing Information

66 copies on lathe cut picnic plate. Each includes a unique photo print that is stamped and signed by Thomas Meluch. In letterpressed covers.