Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

Amo Joy! Straight To Plate 7" PIAPTK - 063

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In the middle of their last West Coast tour, Amo Joy took a day off in Olympia and spent all day recording live, straight into my three Presto 6N Record lathes. They recorded 7 songs, 5 times each. Each lathe added it's own unique coloring, and on average only two of the three lathes provided a usable recording. We also ran an output from the mixer into my computer to record raw digital versions of the amazing power-pysch-pop tunes. We then spent the night hand-making covers for all of them. Puff Paint, Collages, paintings, etc were all employed. Every one of these records is unique. The performance was a one-time deal.Includes a CD-R with one performance of each song. Only 70 made! If you buy more than one copy, I will make sure that you get different songs for each one.


  1. Interest of the Sane