Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ

R. Stevie Moore

The godfather of prolific lo-fi pseudo-brit pop. Wikipedia says it best when they say:
"Robert Steven Moore (born January 18, 1952) is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. In addition to having numerous albums released on labels around the world, the prolific Moore has self-released over 400 cassette and CD-R albums since 1968, as well as dozens of home videos, mostly through the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club, a home-based label. His eclectic work incorporates a variety of musical styles, both popular and experimental. From 1978 to November 2010, Moore lived and recorded in his apartment studios in Montclair, New Jersey, and then Bloomfield, New Jersey,[1] before relocating to his native Nashville in December 2010. He is the oldest son of Bob Moore, veteran Nashville A-Team bassist, producer, and orchestra leader, as well as a longtime sideman for Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and many others."

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Oakland-based electro-pop

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Harmony drenched fuzz reminiscent of the heyday of the 90s Texas noise pop bands.

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Saqqara Mastabas

Saqqara Mastabas is the freaky weird avant garde prog rock project of Matthew Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) and Bob D'Amico (Sebadoh)

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Saturday Looks Good To Me

Fred Thomas (City Center)'s sugary indie-pop project.

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Scott Garred / Silver Scooter

My name is Scott Garred. I am a songwriter, performer, and music therapist. I call San Francisco home. I just finished my first official full-length LP called Little Tiny Things, a special project because it reunites a very dear group of friends. Shawn Camp and Tom Hudson (both of Silver Scooter) met up with me at the beautiful Idler Recording operated by Tyler Mallory (also ex-Silver Scooter) who recorded and mixed most of the songs. Dave McNair (Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Los Lobos, Willie Nelson, and of course Silver Scooter) mixed a few songs and mastered all the material. The album sounds amazing and I couldn't be happier.

The songs feature guitars, bass, and drums with a heavy splash of vintage keyboards. Some rock and bounce along while others quietly strum. The songs range in subject matter from the personal to what it might be like to live with Alzheimer’s Disease, as some of my music therapy clients do. A deceptively simple keyboard drumbeat opens the album on the title track, but the songs’ lyrics disintegrate into the profound fears haunting memory loss: “What if you no longer can sing? What if your heart only knows darkness?”

I was in a band called Silver Scooter from 1995 - 2001. We released three critically acclaimed albums, and dozens of singles and E.P.’s. Touring extensively and sharing stages with Death Cab For Cutie, Kristen Hersh, Unwound, and Olivia Tremor Control to name just a few, we frequented the SXSW Music Festival as well as CMJ.

My former solo music project, Super XX Man (pronounced “double x”) released a total of 17 volumes of music plus various E.P.'s and compilations - about 20 releases in all. Most were released largely in obscurity with the exception of Vol. X (2005), a collection of previously released songs re-recorded through the lens of a new band after I moved to Portland, OR. This one release seemed to garner more praise than usual. The Vol. X version of “Collecting Rocks” became a favorite at a half dozen or so weddings. Bob Boilen, host of NPR’s All Songs Considered, said this about Super XX Man: “If we’re going to choose ten songs every week, let it be Super XX Man.” Amy McCoullough, former editor of the Willamette Week in Portland, OR said, “If love had a sound this would be it.”

I toured nearly 10 years of Super XX Man’s existence, traveling through Canada, Japan, and the U.S. Over the years I played some of the nation's more notable clubs including San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill, Make-Out Room, Purple Onion, Hemlock Tavern; Knitting Factory and Brownie's in New York; Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans; Schuba's and Empty Bottle in Chicago; and Spaceland in Los Angeles. I shared bills with Courtney Barnett, John Vanderslice, Songs Ohia, Julie Doiron, and Karl Blau.

A career highlight of mine was performing at Bob Boilen’s Tiny Desk. Another career highlight includes singing a duet with Julie Doiron at SXSW. We shared the bill and spontaneously collaborated on the Eric’s Trip song, “Allergic to Love.”

Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat featured both my music and my work as a music therapist at the Oregon State Hospital. The award-winning program followed me to the hospital, filming intimate sessions with patients, and tagged along to hear Super XX Man rehearse and perform at the historic White Eagle Pub.

Super XX Man also recorded two full-length albums in Australia while living in Melbourne from 2011 - 2015. Vol. XIV Sorta Heavy Metal was released on Courtney Barnett’s acclaimed Milk! Records in 2012. A successful crowd funding campaign, which brought together fans from all over the world, made this release possible. The album garnered much praise. Crispian Winsor, former morning host of “The Breakfast Spread” on PBS radio in Melbourne, called it the #1 release of the 2012 year. The second Australian album, Vol. XVI Talk About, was released quietly in 2015 via Bandcamp after Garred moved back to the states. It features country sweetheart Devon Sproule singing harmonies and a duet on the stand out track “Sparrow.” A bonus included on the digital release features Courtney Barnett and Jen Cloher covering “Box Store,” originally released on Vol. XIII White Bed.

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Scott McMicken

Scott McMicken is one of two lead singer/Songwriters for Philly based Dr Dog.

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Simon Joyner

Simon Joyner (born 1971) is an American singer-songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska, United States. He has influenced the music of Bright Eyes.[1] In the early 1990s, Beck listed Joyner in his top 10 albums when asked by Rolling Stone.[2] He is also known for the so-called "Peel Incident," when British DJ John Peel played his album, The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll, from beginning to end on air. Joyner has collaborated with John Darnielle, of The Mountain Goats. He is named after Paul Simon.

Simon Joyner lives in Omaha with his wife and three children.

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S.M. Wolf

S.M. Wolf is a fuzzy, psychedelic, power pop family band from Indianapolis, IN fronted by Adam Gross (formerly of Amo Joy).

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Soild Gold Records is a vinyl and tape label subsidiary of PIAPTK Recordings curated by Dimitri Manos (of Dr. Dog/Golden Boots).

Check out a free Golden Boots Sampler HERE. Please also check out some of the other wonderful PIAPTK releases HERE.

Whereas the focus of it’s parent company is to make each release unique
(and complicated) in format and/or packaging, Soild Gold finds its’ identity
in consistency and a tightly defined minimalistic visual aesthetic.

All Soild Gold releases will be:
Limited to 200 copies sold on vinyl & 100 tapes
On Gold Vinyl and Cassettes
35 Gold with splatter records will be inserted randomly into orders
Housed in 1970’s bootleg style covers
Packaged with a full color poster
Available in physical, analog formats only
3 test pressings will be given away in an optional raffle
Sold only through


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Solid Home Life

In 2008, acquaintances Greg Olin (Graves) and and LAKE drummer Lindsay Schief (who had played together on Karl Blau's "Nature's Got Away") ran into each other at a rock concert in Portland, OR. It was winter time. They began hanging out, roasting meats, drinking beer, and playing on each others' songs in Greg's cozy Southeast apartment. Friends dropped in and out, playing organ riffs here and sax solos there. After a while, G & L started co-writing songs about chores and cozy home life. They lived together in Greg's new house for a few seasons in 2010 where they wrote their last few songs, wrapping the project up with one about Lindsay moving on to her own digs.

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Sonny and the Sunsets

Sonny & the Sunsets are a beautiful west coast thing. Birthed from the sand, the surf, and twilight campfires down in Ocean Beach, Sonny & the Sunsets’ busted beach-pop songs spark recollections of doo wop's otherworldly despair, a dose of goofball humor from the Michael Hurley school, and positive possibilities exuded by Jonathan Richman.

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Blue Collar indie-chamber-pop from Portland, OR.

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Spaceface is a psychedelic rock/pop band from Memphis TN. Using creative soundscapes, groovy rhythms, and catchy vocal melodies, Spaceface has taken vintage psychedelic rock and blended it with pop and surf influences to form a truly unique sound. With their high energy and quality stage presentation, Spaceface puts on a show that will leave you dazed and wanting more.

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Strong Martian

80% of the band Spaceface. Strong Martian does it's thing when Jake Ingalls is on tour with The Flaming Lips. And they do it very well.

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Sugar Candy Mountain

LA/Joshua Tree based Sugar Candy Mountain deliver carefully built psychedelic odes in the
style of Jacco Gardner and Tame Impala. Their newest album 666 feels like something
unearthed from a box of records found in your dad’s garage, glowing wistfully with vintage
inspired tones, rambling organs, fuzzed out guitars, shimmering keys and sprawling drums. Ash
Reiter’s woolly voice croons with the icy warmth of Francoise Hardy, while Will Halsey’s tender
Lennon-esque vocals uncoil with easy languor. Recorded with Jason Quever of Papercuts, the
bands sophomore album sits comfortably between 60’s Laurel Canyon bliss and more modern
production of Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips/Tame Impala).

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Surfer Blood

Hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, Surfer Blood exploded onto the indie scene with debut album ‘Astro Coast.’ Self-recorded in essentially a dorm room, the album ended up garnering acclaim from nearly every vital music site and putting the band on the same stage as bands like the Pixies. With tons of touring that took the band around the world and back again, Surfer Blood followed up their debut with the ’Tarot Classics’ EP, which landed them a spot on Jimmy Fallon.

In 2013, Surfer Blood released ‘Pythons,’ a co-release with Warner Bros. Produced by the legendary Gil Norton, it contains the same dreamy surf rock sensibility of the band’s debut, it sees them buffing their pop gems into dynamic songs.

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The Coke Dares

The Coke Dares are Pete Schreiner, Jason Groth, and Mark Rice from Magnolia Electric Company playing one minute punk classics.

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The Crash That Took Me

Fuzzy full-out Dallas wall-of-sound guitar rock.

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The Ocean Floor

The Ocean Floor is mostly Lane Barrington (ex-Church/Hosannas), Shannon Rose Steele (Typhoon), Holland Andrews (Like A Villain, AU) and William Wienert (Boors). The sound has evolved in a zigzagish yet foward like maze to come to what you will hear now from The Ocean Floor. Now if you go see The Ocean Floor play you will hear violin, clarinet, upright bass, electric piano, moog synthesizer, and acoustic and electric drums working together to create the sound of "Falling Star Castle." These sounds are trying to rearrange a polychromatic tree canopy into a paper airplane.

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This Frontier Needs Heroes

This Frontier Needs Heroes is the Alt-Folk duo Brad and Jessica Lauretti from Brooklyn, NY. Their name is inspired by the phrase scrawled on Woody Guthrie’s guitar during WWII: "This Machine Kills Fascists.” Listening to This Frontier Needs Heroes is like having Brad and Jessica play in your backyard while the sun comes up. With their powerful delivery and delicate harmonies, their music is full of lyrical stories of love and longing for a better world.

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Tunde Adebimpe

Babatunde Omoroga Adebimpe (born February 26, 1975) is an American musician, actor, director, and visual artist best known as the lead singer of the Brooklyn-based band TV on the Radio.

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Turner Cody

Brooklyn based Anti-Folk/Pro-AwesomePopTunes

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Viking Moses

Brendon Massei has been wandering the country as Viking Moses on an endless tour for the last 15 years. He's got one of those voices that grabs you by the guts. He's good. REALLY good.

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Wight Lhite

Wight Lhite is a badass band from Tucson...

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