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Bent Shapes

For fans of Boston's relatively cloistered DIY punk scene, Bent Shapes' debut LP Feels Weird is a long time coming. Originally known as Girlfriends, the trio-- bassist Supriya Gunda, drummer Andy Sadoway, and guitarist Ben Potrykus-- has been a hometown hero of small venues and house shows since they formed in 2009, racking up nominations and wins for their high-strung, merciless garage-pop at the Boston Phoenix's annual Boston Music Poll. Aside from a handful of short, micro-distribution releases, however, they were almost exclusively a live act, one that required fans to seek them out in person to get a proper fix. Then in May of last year, blaming a need for change and the addition of a new guitarist (who vanished almost as soon as she appeared), Girlfriends became Bent Shapes. They collected the bitingly catchy punk songs they'd released over their three years as a band and released a compilation called Cull Shorts, a sort of scrapbook retrospective on the Band That Was Girlfriends.