Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings & Handmade Musical Artifacts from Tucson, AZ


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Folktale Records was a kindred spirit of our based in Los Angeles. We co-released the Anni Rossi/Whitman split with them almost a decade ago.

Christopher Payne, who ran Folktale and recorded under the name Whitman, decided to shut Folktale down, get rid of everything and move to Austin. A few months ago, he loaded up my car to the ceiling with Folktale stock, because otherwise it was going to the dump. And these are quality records that deserve loving homes. Most are in hand-silkscreened sleeves.

We are throwing in Folktale releases with most purchases, but, if you want something specific, or just want to bulk up your collection in a hurry by buying the Folktale Starter Pack, we are selling them SUPER CHEAP.

Folktale Starter Pack: 5x LPs, 1x 10", 2x7"s, 1x5", 4xCDs, 2xCassettes - 15 items for $19.99!
Whitman – White Sunrise LP
Whitman – I'll be Waiting LP
Whitman – Dog Rose Gall LP
Whitman – Recovering Darkness LP
No Paws (No Lions) LP
Anni Rossi / Whitman 10”
Whitman/No Babies 5”
Whitman – I'll Be Waiting CD
Whitman – My Heart is an Anchor CD
Whitman – Dust Unsettled CD
Whitman – Dog Rose Gall CD
Foot Ox 7”
Ezra Buchla / Whitman 7”
VA – Smashed Summer Jams 2xCassette of covers by a ton of artists including Simon Joyner, R Stevie Moore, Carla Bozulich, Charlie McAlister, Amps for Christ, etc etc.