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Hickey Fest Discs! Leftovers PIAPTK

While at Hickeyfest, San Francisco recording studio, Donut Time Audio, was doing on site recording sessions in the woods of some of the bands. So I decided to make a few copies of some of them.

There are only 20 copies... 7 for the band, 3 for my archives and 10 of each to sell. There are also a handful of leftovers from the original series.

To Differentiate them from the original series, they are on round semi flexis, still silkscreened and swirl painted.

Bill Baird - Captain Brain (on site with Donut Time Audio)
Veronica Bianqui - Sunday Cups (on site with Donut Time Audio)
Graves - Pay Me Less (on site with Donut Time Audio)


This weekend, I will be in Legget, CA at Hickey Fest, the "Coachella on Quaaludes" music fest run by Sugar Candy Mountain, and featuring a ton of bands that we've worked with over the years and/or friends of ours.
Hickeyfest is a tiny camping festival in Leggett, CA that happens this weekend and is thrown/curated by Sugar Candy Mountain. Many of the artists are bands we've worked with.

I'll be taking a lathe out there and doing on-site cutting of exclusive tracks from some of the bands that will only be available at the festival, or through this site for three days only!

On silkscreened and psychedelic swirled picture discs.

Available Discs:
Sugar Candy Mountain - The Night is So Long
Graves - Waterfall
Assateague - Oceanside
The Blank Tapes - Big Ol Wave
TV Mike and the Scarecrowes - Patience
King Dream - Echo Chamber
Veronica Bianqui - Shame on You
Bill Baird - Eat the Lawn
Night Heron - What Do You See?
FpodBpod- Cannonballs