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With every new release, we put back a handful of copies in case of website glitches, USPS SNAFU's, etc. Every once in a while, we have a new project coming up that requires some serious funding, and we have to dig deep into the archives and pull out some long-out-of-print releases from the vaults. So, here they are...

-Grandaddy - Arm of Roger LP (yellow and "hotdog splatter vinyl (ltd ed of 50)
- Advance Base - Four Abstractions 10"
-Floating Action - Research Unique Color Test Pressing w/ Hand Painted cover
-Scott McMicken "IT" Soild Gold LP and Tape
- Golden Boots - Blunderlust 10" - Silkscreened cover Lathe Cut.
- Golden Boots - Bland Canyon Adventure 10" w/ Paint by numbers cover and paints.
- Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse / Shins / BlackHeartProcession)- UW Henry Art Gallery Residency 10" Silkscreened lacquers.
- Grand Archives - UW Henry Art Gallery Residency 10" Silkscreened lacquers.
- Eric Johnson (Fruit Bats) - UW Henry Art Gallery Residency 10" Silkscreened lacquers.
- Angelo Spencer/Tender Forever - Heart Shaped Lathe Cut
- Viking Moses - Lands of the Pink - Lathe Cut 12" silkscreened cover
- Southery Storyteller & The Gossip Columnist Lathe cut LP in hand painted covers by Heidi Elise Wirz.
- Salesman - Skull 12" Laserdisc Lathe Cut
- Southerly - Champion of the Noisy Negatavists LP Lathe Cut
- Wooden Wand - Briarwood Brown LETTERPRESSED cover
- Wooden Wand - Briarwood White LETTERPRESSED cover
- Wooden Wand - Born Bad 1st pressing Silkscreened cover
- Wooden Wand - Archives Vol. 3 Boxset YELLOW VINYL 6xLP
- Kristofferson Tribute - Red splatter and Clear Splatter Colored Vinyl
- Kristofferson Tribute - Wooden Wand/Min and Prez Kickstarter only Bonus Flexi
- Kristofferson Tribute - Letterpressed Cover with Color Vinyl